Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Anniversary To my Best Friend and the Love of my Life.

Not sure why, but this year the number 17 has really stirred up a lot of emotions. Maybe it's because we have seen so much loss in the last few years that I finally realize how many times I took for granted that you and I would still have tomorrow. Maybe the emotions are there because I can barely remember the the two kids that stood at that alter 17 years ago and pledged their love and devotion. What made them so confident? How could they promise something they knew nothing about? Maybe it's because I am so grateful that we have some how stumbled through the past 18 years and we are still standing. Could it be that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the humble life that God has granted us. The two beautiful children that he entrusted us with and a home to raise them in. How about the friends that have shared this path with us, that have walked beside us through the good times as well as the bad? It might have something to do with God trusting us with a very small portion of his Kingdom even though we daily have no idea what to do with it. Then again it could be the unknown seasons that lay ahead of us.

18 years ago I fell in love with a boy. He was handsome, upright, caring, my knight in shinning armor and my reason for wanting to be a better person. Then one day I saw him in the light of circumstances. He was broken just like the rest of us but he was stubborn and determined. He had the audacity to challenge me to greater heights. He fought off anything that stifled us from being the best that we could be. He spoke of his dreams but he fought to make mine come true.

The past 17 years of marriage has taught me the difference between the fairy tale wedding that every girl dreams of and the place called reality where we will spend our lives. I no longer expect you to ride in on a white horse clothed in metal armor. Your youth continues to fade away never to return again. You're not invincible and one day we will be separated by death. But one day of reality with you is better than a life long fairytale. You began as my knight in shinning armor but now you have come to be my hero. You are no longer a fantasy of what might be but the reality of what I have been given. You are no longer that young boy that I hoped would rescue me. You come wearing the full armor of God that has the power to destroy our greatest enemy. You are a man of righteousness adorned with loyalty, bravery, faithfulness and steadfastness. You stand beside me so that you can support me, you go before me so that you can protect me, you stand behind me and gently prod me when I am too stubborn to listen or move, and you stand above me hand extended when I am weak or afraid. You have shown patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control. You have protected me, placed your trust in me and not given up hope when you had reason to. You are honest, consistently turning away from evil, forgiving me of my wrong doings. You put my needs before your own and you continue to believe in me. Your love has persevered through life's most difficult storms and you have bore the weight of heavy burdens during these past 17 years. Because of your love and devotion to Christ your love has never failed me. Your love has helped guide me to the one who is the Greatest Gift of Love. I am forever grateful that God gave me you. I pray that God will gift us with 17 more years. However many more there are; they are yours and yours alone.

I love you today, yesterday and always.
Your Bride of 17 years.