Friday, May 30, 2008

Weary Yet Hopeful

This has been such a long week. Some weeks seem to creep by while others fly by with out slowing down. There is not much to write about. Well there's probably a lot to write about but for the most part I think that it would be better to just say that it has been a long week and that the storms are still wearing on us.

We are trying to keep a perspective on the storms that we are facing vs storms that others are up against but the truth is things are still difficult. We need strength, we need direction, and we really need rest.

I am looking forward to a new week with renewed hope and strength and we asking that God will restore our joy. We know that it is in Him that we find our peace... not in circumstance.

I will try to post more about the kids and how they are doing soon. For now I am running on 2 hours of sleep with only a few hours ahead of me tonight so I better go.

PS- I did get the results from the CT this week. The doctor said that they found two cyst but that there was no infection. He does not want to do sinus surgery because the cyst do not pose a problem at this time. He did say that he still wants to do the Septoplasty and the Tonsillectomy. This was the original surgery that he recommended. They are doing the next round of allergy testing and then we will proceed form there. They still do not know where the chronic fever is coming from but at this time they are not concerned so neither am I.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Update

Wow what a busy weekend. James' parents and sister came in Wednesday to spend Memorial day with the family. So far we have all had a great visit with little chaos. This is huge when you consider the size of our home and having three extra people. I think so far the only thing that has really given them pause is Noah's undying energy. I believe that they have had a good time with the kids but will go home tired.

Thursday morning James went to work and his parents and sister took the kids to the farm to see great grandma. Then Great grandma took them all to the Safari and then out to lunch. This was great for the family because they were able to spend alone time with the kids and I was able to be completely alone with no responsibilities. Usually when I am childless it is because I am either helping someone else or I have an appointment. James keeps the kids but to have an entire day off and the house all to my self was a real treat. I was going to stay home and just veg but instead I went to lunch with a friend and then we went shopping. She was childless too that day.

Friday the grandparents went to the farm again with the kids. James sister and I went shopping and out to lunch. It was so nice to have a break especially two days in a row. I really enjoyed the break.

Friday night we all braved the drive in to see the new Narnia movie. The movie was great but Noah was at his limit of good behavior. It was some what stress full to me but still a great time for the family. James and I did the route when we got home and got to bed at 5 am. Man were we tired. Slept a few hours and then started the day.

Sunday we went to bible fellowship and then left so that we could make it to the family reunion on time. This was the first time to be there with out Granddad. I really tried not to think about it. This is a huge tradition every year and in the 15 years James and I have been married granddad has always been there. After lunch we went over to the family cemetery. Kayla and her grandma Di had gone a few days earlier to put flowers on the grave. That was the first time that she had been to the cemetery since the funeral. I think that she did well. I was worried about today because this event brings back a lot of memories. One of the best pictures we have of Kayla and Granddad was at this reunion. Again she did very well. We tried to keep her busy with water guns and Aunt Patty. I think it was good to have them there so that she can make new memories. This is the first time in 15 years that we have not sat at the cemetery in our lawn chairs and visited with granddad and grandma. I think that it is still too difficult for Grandma to be there for very long. She did not get out of her truck this year. Instead we went back to the farm to visit. Later that night we took her to dinner.

When we got there we discovered Granddad' s calico cat had died. We think that she had complications trying to give birth. This was Kayla's first experience when it comes to a pet funeral. We just told Noah the kitty was sleeping and then distracted him. Kayla was really grown up about it and even stayed with her dad and grandma while they had the "funeral". It really bothers me that she has been exposed to so much loss over the last two years.

Monday James is off and his family will be here most of the day. I am hoping to go to the cemetery to see Danny. They finally set his head stone and I have not been there since the funeral almost 9 months ago. Other than that we will probably just grill out and let the kids play.

A couple of cute Noah sayings- He wants to go to the farmer (not the farm). He keeps telling us he is going to the farmer. Also he is trying hard to get all the names right. He still calls his great granddad "grandma-dad" and reminds us that he lives with Jesus. He is trying to keep his grandma and his great grandma straight. You can tell that he knows the difference but is confused about why we call one grandma Di and the other one just grandma. I guess he thought that she needed a "last name. So Patty explained to Noah that they use to call her grandma chickies because she had chickens and they use to get to help feed them. So when I asked Noah what he wanted to call grandma he replied "grandma feeds goats sandwiches". So where did that come from? Thursday she had taken Noah to the safari and they fed the baby goats bread. I think at that point the family really knew what I am up against every day. I just love his witty sense of humor.

Please continue to pray for Sharon. She is out of ICU but still needs to be in the hospital or in Rehab. The hospital wants to release her because she does not have insurance. She needs medical care above what the family can provide.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Loving Memory of Maria Chapman

There are no words that can express the sorrow that fills our hearts today. Maria, our prayers are with your precious family as they walk this difficult journey with out you. May God continue to be their hope and may his mercy and grace fall upon them like healing rain. You are loved and cherished by all. You are a miracle, the daughter of a KING...a true Cinderella.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Continued Prayers

Please continue to pray for Sharon. She is out of ICU and because she does not have insurance they want to send her home. She needs to go to rehab. The home is in no way ready for her and she is in no way ready to come home. We need major prayers that funding will come through for her to be able to go to rehab.

I have my CT this morning. I am praying for clear informative results. Also we are praying that the answers will continue to come and so will the funding to have the surgery.

Our family is going through some very stressful storms right now "not to our choosing" and we could really use prayers. I am unable to give any details but it is really taking a toll on our whole family. I have never had high blood pressure but did when I went to the Dr. I am praying for peace and understanding and for God to move through this season giving us comfort and direction.

I need to go get ready for the CT. I also have a lot to do since James' family will be here this afternoon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Up Date

It is 11 pm and we are home now. Sharon's surgery went well and she is in ICU. She is not out of the woods yet and needs our continued prayers. They are worried that they may not be able to save the foot. Only time will tell at this point. They are expecting that she will get pneumonia because of the broken ribs and cracked sternum. She has a history of pneumonia and with broken ribs she will not be able to cough and keep her lungs clear. She seemed to be in good spirits before the surgery but they are keeping her sedated at this point. She has a very long road ahead of her. We are concerned that once she is able to process what has happened that she will be overwhelmed. There was a big party planned this Sunday for her retirement and she was leaving on a cruise in June with her husband, her son, grandson, and daughter in law. The family is disappointed but grateful that she made it through the accident. At this time we do not know if anyone else was injured in the accident or what happened but it involved other vehicles and others might have been transported to the hospital. Please pray for them as well. At this time she is unable to even remember what happened.

Again thanks for your prayers.

Please Pray!

Lot's of fun today and over all a much needed retreat. There are many wonderful stories to post about today but for now we headed to the hospital.

Around 3 pm we received a call from James' best friend that his mom was in a car accident that involved three vehicles. She is in surgery as I type and could really use or prayers. We know at this time that she has a compound break at her ankle and knee. She also had a cracked sternum and broken ribs. Our children consider her to be grandma and we deeply love and respect her as one of the family. Please be in prayer for her as they said that she would be in surgery for a while.

Thanks in advance for the prayers. If you could please remember our family tonight as well. We have not been to this hospital since Danny was pronounced there. I know that seems weird but my stomach still turns every time we drive by let alone to walk those halls again.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finaly some answers

Today I had my appointment with the ENT doctor. I was really looking forward to seeing him and getting some answers. I have been sick for about 7 months now and it has really begun to wear me down. Several of the symptoms I have had since my childhood but they have gotten worse over the last 7 months.

I must say that the appointment it's self went very well. I really liked to doctor. I actually had bible study with his mom last semester and she went to Thailand with our group. He listened to my many struggles and quickly picked up on what some of the problems might be. The good news is that I think we have an idea how to proceed, the bad news is the things that I thought would not be a problem were the problem. They decided to do blood work and send it to Texas for allergy testing. (I kinda had that one pegged.) If it comes back with two or more positives then they will send it through another panel of testing. If that comes back positive then they will send for a third. Each round takes about 10 days. Next week they are going to do a CT and check for infection. I have run a low grade fever for the past 7 months. They also did a scope today. That was not fun. I think that thing was as long as my arm and they ran it up my sinus cavity and then down into my throat. They do numb you first although that was an experience in it's self and did not alleviate all the pain. The scope showed that my nasal passage was severely deviated. That is a medical way of saying that my nasal passage is not straight and therefor can cause problems. He also said that my tonsils were enlarged. With this information and the fact that I snore, am always tired, and I stop breathing frequently at night they are considering surgery. He would like to wait until they have the CT and possibly a sleep study to move forward with a plan but at this point it looks as though that is the best option.

I am relieved that they are moving forward to find answers so that I can fell better soon, but I was not expecting them to move this fast. I have suffered from dull headaches, low grade fever, and fatigue for most of my life so it is hard to believe that there might be answers. I was not expecting surgery though. In fact because I had read about the side effects of surgery I had hoped that would not even be discussed. The surgery is not very complex but it is very painful and takes about three weeks to recover. They say that the pain is sever for about 10-14 days. Let me just say for the record that I am a major weenie and pain hurts me. I have only been in a hospital when I had Kayla other than that I like to say that hospitals are not for me.

Please pray for continued answers with this Doctor. I'm not sure what I would do with the ability to think clearly on a regular basis. I think that James was relieved that there was something concrete they can do. They can not say for sure that surgery will fix the problem so we will need to weigh our options but it is a start.

Also it has been a very stressful week... so much that I had high blood pressure for the first time since complications with my pregnancy 12 years ago. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in the midst of some very difficult storms. The enemy is using many things in our midst as pawns right now and we do not want him to have victory. Please pray that we will not grow weary and give into Satan's desires.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everything to Me.

Everything To Me
by Mark Shultz

I must have felt your tears
When they took me from your arms
I’m sure I must have heard you say goodbye
Lonely and afraid had you made a big mistake
Could an ocean even hold the tears you cried

But you had dreams for me
You wanted the best for me
And you made the only choice you could that night

You gave life to me
A brand new world to see
Like playing baseball in the yard with dad at night
Mom reading Goodnight Moon
And praying in my room
So if you worry if your choice was right
You gave me up but you gave everything to me

And if I saw you on the street
Would you know that it was me
And would your eyes be blue or green like mine
Would we share a warm embrace
Would you know me in your heart
Or would you smile and let me walk on by
Knowing you had dreams for me
You wanted the best for me
And I hope that you’d be proud of who I am

You gave life to me
A chance to find my dreams
And a chance to fall in love
You should have seen her shining face
On our wedding day
Oh is this the dream you had in mind
When you gave me up
You gave everything to me

And when I see you there
Watching from heaven’s gates
Into your arms
I’m gonna run
And when you look in my eyes
You can see my whole life
See who I was
And who I’ve become


Mother's Day means something different for every person. For most it is a time to celebrate the woman who is hard at work caring for her family. But for some, Mother's day is a painful reminder that they are unable to become a mother. Others are celebrating the first time with out a loved one. This day can also challenge those who have relationships that are estranged.

This year I want to recognize a woman who unselfishly chose life for her son and then gave him everything by gifting him for adoption. She must have known that she was making a sacrifice yet she still chose to give him a better life. She must have known that she would be giving a part of herself to some one that she might never know. I love my children with all that I am but I wonder if my love even compares to her's. I can not imagine the pain and loss that she must feel on birthdays, mothers day, or any other day that he comes to mind. I believe that a part of him will forever remain in her heart and that she must ache knowing that she was not able to be his forever mommy. My love for this woman is indescribable. She has given everything to him and everything to me.

As a mother I have been blessed to experience the miracle of adoption as well as having a biological child. Each experience has been a remarkable journey. Journeys that led me to a greater understanding of God's love and purpose for my life. These times taught me how to trust and how to wait upon the Lord and they taught me the true meaning of Faith. My journey to become a mother of two beautiful children is what led me to a faith in Christ that has changed my life. I have experienced God in a way that I would have possibly missed had I not gone through the struggles of infertility.

Having a biological daughter is a blessing and now more than ever we cherish the gift of her life. I thank God for allowing me to carry her in my womb and give birth to her. I thank God for allowing me to be there for every first in her life. I treasure the fact that she has our genetic tendencies. Her daddy's eyes and smile, my passion and and stubbornness. She is a miracle and was given to us through the Grace of God. She is beautiful and wonderful in every way. I have always said that she was my biggest challenge and greatest joy all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

Noah is a testament of God's goodness. He is my heart's desire. He was the Lords desire for our family. He was the child that God had planned for our family since the beginning of time. His placement in our family could only be orchestrated by the one who knew him in his mother's womb. God knew that his mother would chose life. He knew that she would give him birth and then give him a life of opportunities. How could I have ever known that my son would not grow in my womb but in my my heart thousands of miles away. When I stood on the 11th floor of that hotel room in Guatemala City and looked out over a beautiful country I knew that it was God himself that had brought me to this place. God chose me to be his mother. He chose me to rock him to sleep and kiss him good night. He chose me to change his diapers and keep is tummy full. He choose me to kiss his boo boos, and comfort him when he is scared. He chose me to teach me his ABC's. He chose me to be his forever mommy. I was not chosen to give him birth but I was chosen to give him the gift of a family.

Mother's Day will never mean the same to me. I will always fell as though I am partly a mom because of someone else's unconditional love and sacrifice. Thank you God for knowing what was best for our family. Thank you for all the times you said "No" and thank you for the times that you said "Yes". Please hug all the women that want to be a mother and comfort them while they are waiting for you to say yes. Hug the woman that are mothers but are not able to hold their children. Hug those that are missing their loved ones today.

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 08, 2008

National Day of Prayer for the Orphans of Guatemala

One last post for today.

I wanted to share that while we are at a place in our journey where we are able to enjoy Noah being home, we have not forgotten those that are still in process.

We too wept over that new set of pictures that would once again remind us of the precious time we were loosing. At the same time thanking the Lord for the pictures because it made Noah feel real to us and allowed us to bond with him before we even met him. We have cried out to the Lord that he would ease the pain and bring forth miracles. We have felt the Lord's hand upon us as we ached to hold our son and have him home with us. We will never forget what it felt like to wait upon the Lord and his timing and we will never forget what it felt like when the Lord said "it is time."

The bottom line is we remember. As we remember we pray for those who's hearts are full but their arms are still empty. We pray for those who still need a miracle and for those that are still waiting for the Lord to say it is time.

The sorrow that we experienced has been replaced with a joy that is indescribable. Instead of counting the days we have lost we count the days that we have gained. We ask that the Lord never allow us to forget our journey so that we will continue to have compassion for those that are still suffering and so that we may continue to lift up those that are still waiting.

So tonight weather you are tucking your little Guatemalan prince or princess into bed, or aching to be the one to kiss them good night remember those that are still in need of a miracle...the waiting families, the children and the orphans of Guatemala . May we all Join in praying these precious children home. Pray for those who are yet to have been given a chance of having a forever family and pray for those that are caring for them. The Guatemalan government is ever changing and unpredictable but our God is a god of consistency. His love is never ending and his mercy never fails.

If you are still waiting for the Lord to say yes please know that you are loved and that joy comes in the morning. We remember you and your precious little ones and we ask God to comfort you while you wait on Him.

If you are interested in more information about the first National Day of prayer for the Orphans of Guatemala please visit the link under friends and favorites.

Where do bananas come from?

Bananas in Jocotenango Guatemala
out side Antigua

Today we were reading about Central America is our History book. We are learning about the different exports from Guatemala. Noah was sitting with us and heard us talking about "bannas". That would be bananas for those that need help translating two year old. Since Noah is from Guatemala we take every chance we get to talk to him about his native country. So I asked Noah "do you know where bananas come from?" I expected him to say Guatemala because we were just talking about that. Instead with confidence he said "Walmart!" After laughing our heads off I told him that they "grow on trees." Then he asked "on trees in Walmart?" No I said "they grow on trees in Guatemala and Thailand." I then pulled up some pictures on the computer of bananas growing on trees in Guatemala.

This afternoon we went to the church to help put inserts into books that the women's ministry is giving to the ladies in our church on Mother's Day. Noah told everyone he saw about how bananas and apples grow on trees. We did not tell him about the apples-I'm not sure where he picked that up. He also had to sing his ABC's and Jesus Loves Me as well. He cracks me up and is such a handful.

This afternoon he kept telling Kayla to "go do her History and math too." He is talking like a little man and picking up on conversations quickly. I have a feeling that we are going to have our hands full.

Is this normal?

I had to post about this problem that we seem to be having. It is spring and we love what that brings. Trees blooming, green grass, flowers, warm sun shinny days and the sound of birds chirping in the morning.

Every year at this time we prepare for all the birds nest that will show up around our home. We have several bird houses between our home and the neighbors. We usually have feeders up and a bird bath. We are a very welcoming family to these unique little creatures. The one thing that we did not expect was to open up our grill this season and find a huge nest. That nest was removed-no birds in it at the time. We cleaned the grill and got it ready for the season. We cooked some juicy steaks and then shut it down till next time. A couple of days later I went out to start the grill and there was another nest. Cleaned it out again, grilled some burgers, and had a good laugh. One Wednesday afternoon I was in a hurry to cook so I decided to through some burgers on the grill. That's right! I knew the second I saw the grill that we had another problem. When your grill looks like a scarecrow you know that this is not going to be a quick meal. Needless to say we did not grill burgers that night. I shut the lid and we had McDonald's after church.

The next night I decided to conquer cleaning out yet another birds nest. I took these pictures and checked to make sure there were no birds in it. Then I lit the nest on fire! That's right. Somehow I thought it would be faster and make me feel better. James said it was a bad idea and told me to just clean it out and through it in the yard. The last time we did that they just reused most of it. Not this time. The problem with this idea is that I did not consider that the grill was on a porch under the eves. The flames got so high that it was starting to reach the eves. That meant that I had to close the lid and then it just smoked and stunk up the whole house. My dear patient and forgiving husband did not get too upset with me, though he did not offer to help me clean up my mess. The nest never burned completely it just turned into a black mess. I had to pour water on it to get the flames out because it was smoking so bad or the flames were too high. It would have taken me about ten minuets or so to clean it out the other way where this took about an hour. Dinner was late and my bonfire really did not make me feel better. I did learn that it not a bad idea to listen to your husband when he is calm and you are frustrated.

So...again the nest builders are back! We are now leaving the grill open and this seems to have worked. That is for the birds. Since we have to leave the lid up the cat has taken over the grill. She waits for it too cool then treats herself to some leftovers. Oh well. I give up!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Danny!

Happy 37th Birthday Danny- this picture was taken at the father daughter fishing trip.This is the bouquet we sent Amber and the kids. The only flower that Danny liked was sunflowers. He saw fields of them when he toured France during the Tour de France. His favorite candy was Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.

Today was a bitter sweet day. It has been 8 months since we said an earthly good bye to Danny. Today we celebrated what would have been his 37th birthday. To us it seems as though his life was cut short and that the good bye came to early. However we find comfort in the knowledge that God knew when Danny would leave this world and enter into eternity. Danny celebrated his 37th birthday at the feet of Jesus and I must assure my self that it was the best birthday he has ever had. For those that remember Danny it is a difficult day and it is filled with sadness. We know that strength and joy come in the morning and we claim that promise. Each day we are one day closer to being reunited with the ones that have gone before us. We must remember to treasure each day as though it may be our last and not borrow days that are not promised to us.

Danny we love you and we miss you. Oh how our souls ache but we know that God continues to bring healing with each passing day. We want you to know that you would be so proud of Amber and the kids. They are a beautiful family. It saddens us that it took loosing you to get to know them so well. We promise to keep looking after them as long as the Lord allows us to. By the us a spot by the river. We'll spend all day fishing catching up on stories.

Friday, May 02, 2008

What A Day!

Wow, what a day! I was actually up early this morning so that I could get us out of the house on time. Early for us that is. Kayla has EACH two Fridays a month and today was one of those days. I knew that I needed to pay some bills so I did that first thing. Then I realized that we were out of stamps so I added the post office to my list of things to do. I also had to go by the bank and make a deposit. I had hoped that I would have time to grab a drink on my way to take Kayla so I was really focused on getting us out the door. I knew we would not be home until late tonight and that Kayla was spending the night with a friend so she has to have her stuff packed. She will just meet us at the church in the morning for the big trip. After Each I was going to pick up our widow's kids at day care. Then we were going to spend the rest of the night getting food ready for the trip. is how the day actually looked. I did get to leave the house on time which is a miracle considering that I left the windows down on the van last night while the hurricane came through town. Kayla spent about 1/2 an hour cleaning tree branches, leaves, pods, and acorns out of the van. Then she soaked up as much water as she could and put towels over the seats. We leave and head to the post office which does not have the new stamps so I just bought one. I knew that we would not use them up before the price goes up so I will have to go back again next week. (my least favorite errand is the post office- kind of quirky I know). Then I get to the bank and realize that I took the check out of my wallet with a pile of receipts and left it on the desk. So not deposit today. Next I went to my favorite drink spot and of course they are out of diet coke in the fountain. I told them and they said to hold on it would just take a minuet. It took longer and then the lady hurt her arm. She gave me my coke for free. So now we are on our way to EACH and I just loose it. I guess I just felt like the Lord was telling me every thing would be okay and that he really does care about the littlest things in my life when he gave me my diet coke for free. I know it was probably little sleep and hormones but I really did feel like it was a hug from God, and boy did I need it this morning. I get to Each, drop off Kayla and head out to do errands. Noah started to get fussy and said he was hungry. Kayla had packed him a lunch but at that moment I realized that I had not made any thing for me and that my blood sugar would probably be better if we stopped to eat. I decided we would go through Taco Bell drive through and I could get a burrito and Noah could eat his lunch. We would just have a picnic in the wet van. Besides there were enough left over limbs that it would feel like a picnic at the park. That plan went south when there was a wreck while I was turning onto the street with Taco Bell. It seemed as though no one was going to call 911 and one of the drivers was in the car with her head down. I was not sure if she was hurt so I called 911 and pulled into Acambaro. Because I had been the one to place the call they said that I had to wait and talk with the officer that responded. I left Noah in the van and went to talk with the officer. I asked him if I could leave since I had a little one with me and there were plenty of people helping at this time. He said I had to stay but that I could move my van to another parking lot where they put the other vehicles. Noah is not happy, still wants lunch, and the officer is trying to take my info. He asked me for my address and I just stuttered through till I could remember it. He actually asked me if that was a difficult question. I said yes today it is. After we were cleared to leave my nerves were fried so we went to Acambaro since we were right there and had chips and salsa. I ordered beans and rice and we just made nachos and chilled until it was time to get Kayla. Then we finished errands and went to pick up the kids form day care. I could not remember the code to get into the building so I had to go back out and get my ID. It was kind of a crazy pick up but I finally make it out with both the kids and headed to take them home. After that we spent the rest of the night getting last minuet supplies and packing vans. It is now 11:45 pm and I am in desperate need of sleep but doubt that this night will be any different. And wonder why I am so cranky these days.

TGIF.... I think!

Still Here!

Yes we are still here. I am still struggling every day with sleep issues. James and many others finally convinced me to take a sleep aid. I took it at 9pm and headed off to bed. Noah wanted me to help him with something and I told him he would have to ask dad because mom was off duty. Noah made some remark about mom and her booty (instead of being off duty) where in the world does he get this stuff. We just chuckled and I told him I was going night night. It was still not a great night of sleep. The thunder and hail storms didn't help. I'm not sure that the sleep aid helped me sleep as much as it made me feel lethargic. I will try them again but not tonight. It will be a late night and an early morning so I will not have time to sleep it off.

We have been helping a family in our church plan a family zoo trip for our ABF class. They approached us and said that they wanted to give this gift to our class. We have arranged for 50 people from our ABF class (children included) to go to the zoo on Saturday. We will be leaving early, driving 2 hours and then spending the day at the zoo. We reserved a pavilion and we are going to feed everyone lunch. We will stay the day and then catch a fast dinner on the way home. Our group is really excited. It will be a fun day of bonding and fellowship.

I haven't been posting a lot due to lack of sleep and end of the school year stresses. Kayla and I are not getting along real great right now. I hate to post that-but it is the truth. It is difficult for us to communicate these days and we both seem defensive. She is very argumentative and that makes me not want to listen to her. This teen stuff is more difficult for me than James. I know that we will get through this I just wish that it could be a little easier.

Noah is our little ham as usual. His vocabulary seems to grow daily. The other day we were at Sam's Club and the kids wanted ice cream. I told Kayla that was fine if she would share with Noah and sit in the back seat with him. (we have to limit his sugar because he has so much energy). She agreed so I bought her one and asked for an extra cup. I gave Noah the cup while I was waiting for them to make the ice cream. He looked at the cup and said "diet coke please". I told him that his cup was for ice cream. He said "no mom I tursty I need Diet coke". Okay first of all we do not give him pop. Second I did not even know he knew the words diet coke. And third his new thing is thank you "so" much. He is just too cute for words.

I have so many other post to catch up on but this will have to do for now. I will post the pictures from our Silver Dollar City trip soon. Noah is still talking about the trip and the roller coaster that falls down.