Sunday, March 08, 2009

Too Tired For Words

Today was filled with many emotions and a whole lot of fatigue. It was such a busy week and we did not have many opportunities for sleep. Then you add in so many different emotions and it all adds up to extreme exhaustion.

I am looking forward to catching up on our weekend with the girls but it will have to wait until I can get my thoughts together. I wanted to at least post a picture of the kids together from Friday. They are amazing girls and I can not begin to tell you how much we are missing them right now.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Houston We Have A Problem

I have many pictures to post from our exciting day but I am going to post them later. It has been a very long day and we are fixing to watch a movie so this is a quick post. (We are just waiting on the pop corn).

Okay so here is our problem; Noah freaks out when the girls leave. I mean screaming and crying when they say goodbye or leave for a short time. We are only wrapping up day two and still have two days to go. He would not let go of them so that they could hug a team member goodnight. So I think that we already have a problem and it will be worse by Sunday. I have seen him throw a fit but this is sincere. He is attached to them at the hip, leg, neck or face. What ever he can wrap his little body around.

That's all for tonight. Our movie and pop corn are ready. We'll post more latter.

PS Happy Birthday Yeshoda. We love you so much and you have blessed us in such a big way!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our First Night With Our New Friends

We arrived at the Church at 5:30 to meet our new friends. Noah has been so excited and when we told him it was time to go pick up Rose and Yeshoda he was running and jumping and screaming "YEA!"

Rose warmed up to us right away. She was answering our questions and chattering with us about all sorts of things. It took a little while for Yeshoda to come out of her shell. Rose and Noah were buddies right away. It's kinda funny because he was excited about both girls but he would always talk about Rose. I think it is because he could say her name easily and he could remember it.

After we left the church we met our ABF class and our missionaries at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was a fun night but very crazy. I do not believe that there is any way we could have tipped them enough for all the noise and craziness that they dealt with. It was a family event so you can imagine what it must have been like to have that many kids at dinner in one place. I believe that there were 30 of us. They were awesome.

The girls love to play cards. So far Kayla and I have not won a single hand against them. I told Rose that I was going to practice tomorrow while she is preforming. She said that was cheating. I reminded her that she has been playing for a long time and that I am just learning. Noah and the girls played trains when we got home. Noah was so excited to show them his trains and they actually got excited with him. It was too cute. Rose has decided to call Noah "Train". It is her little nick name for him. Did I say that Noah and Rose have hit it off really well. They are both so full of energy and feed off each other non stop. I promise that I will be one worn out mommy/auntie by the end of this weekend.

The girls call us Auntie and Uncle. They both speak good English but have very strong accents. I am having a very difficult time understanding them. I like to have never figured out hot. We played cards tonight, read stories and had lots of tickle wars. They really like to tickle and they like to see if they can keep from laughing while you tickle them. We are having a really good time and I can already tell that it is going to be hard to say goodbye. I never imagined that Naoh would be so excited to be with them. They think that it is really neat that he use to live in Guatemala and they keep asking him how he got here.

Tomorrow is Yeshoda's birthday. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast but she said it didn't matter. I think that we finally settled on pancakes. We have to have them back at the church by 11am so that they can get ready for a performance at a school. Rose asked if Noah could go with her. I reassured her that we would see them at dinner and then we could see them sing tomorrow night and Sunday. We have all day with them on Saturday as well.

I better get to bed. The girls have strict schedules so I need to get some sleep.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Noah Moments

Saturday morning James had a work event at U of A that he had to attend. Kayla was spending the night with a friend and Noah and I were getting ready to do errands in Fayetteville. I called for Noah and asked him to come put his clothes on. He did not come. I asked again still he did not come. Then I heard him say "I am trying to put up the muffin." I told him to leave it alone and come here. Again he responds "I'm trying to put the muffin away. I can't reach the muffin; it's too high!" So I am wondering what muffin he is talking about but did not take time to find out. We were supposed to be meeting up with Amber and the kids so I was trying to stay focused. After getting him dressed I heard James in the kitchen getting ready to leave and I went to say goodbye. I noticed that our mop was laying in the floor (it is usually hanging up in the pantry) and leaned over to pick it up. That is when Noah said with a very frustrated voice "Mommy I tried to put the muffin away but it was too high!" After a good chuckle we explained to Noah that it is a mop not a muffin. He is very eager to point out that he now knows the difference between a mop and a muffin.

Sunday evening I made chicken Alfredo for dinner. We were almost finished with dinner when Noah asked if he could have more chicken. I quickly glanced at his plate and saw that he had not eaten his broccoli. I told him that I would give him more chicken when he ate all of his broccoli (he had about three small pieces on his plate). So with a big sigh and a puppy dog face he said "okay" as he reached into his highchair and pulled out a hand full of cauliflower. He put the "broccoli" on his plate and began to eat it. All I could do was leave and go into the kitchen. I could not stop giggling. I guess his little conscious got the best of him. The best part was that I had no idea he was storing cauliflower in the highchair. I just wanted him to eat the broccoli on his plate.

I think that I am slowly beginning to understand this little man. I am learning ways to speak his love language (it has been much harder for me than I expected) and he in return is speaking mine. I still struggle with the amount of energy it takes to parent this bundle of energy and some days I just sit and scratch my head wondering what is going through his mind. We are having more good days (discipline wise) than bad. That really helps. He is at that fun age where he is soaking up so much but also at that age where there are thousands of questions. I am looking forward to this summer. He is a great age for so many new activities and he loves to be outside. There is so much more that I could share about our life with our little man but he is patiently waiting to get out of bed so off I go.

PS I told Noah that he could get up and before I publish this I am happy to report that the first thing I received this morning was a huge "sweet" hug. This is a big step for us. He is starting to hug us more and more. Don't get me wrong he is a very affectionate little boy. He just usually chooses his affection to be more like tackle football. This has been difficult for me. I love to play with him but every now and then a mommy just needs a sweet hug. I am starting to get more of them and they are so sweet. I still get tackled several times a day but at this point it looks like both our love tanks are getting fuel. I love my little man so much!