Friday, March 06, 2009

Houston We Have A Problem

I have many pictures to post from our exciting day but I am going to post them later. It has been a very long day and we are fixing to watch a movie so this is a quick post. (We are just waiting on the pop corn).

Okay so here is our problem; Noah freaks out when the girls leave. I mean screaming and crying when they say goodbye or leave for a short time. We are only wrapping up day two and still have two days to go. He would not let go of them so that they could hug a team member goodnight. So I think that we already have a problem and it will be worse by Sunday. I have seen him throw a fit but this is sincere. He is attached to them at the hip, leg, neck or face. What ever he can wrap his little body around.

That's all for tonight. Our movie and pop corn are ready. We'll post more latter.

PS Happy Birthday Yeshoda. We love you so much and you have blessed us in such a big way!


Reba said...

Oh, my...sounds like Sunday may be a rough day! It is really sweet though that he has gotten so attached...