Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have several post that I have started but have never finished. There is a lot going on these days yet things are less hectic than they have been in the past couple of years. I so want to take the time to catch up but I just haven't had the mindset to put it all into words.

I will say that life is a little less stressful in some ways and more stressful in others. We have more time as a family than we have had since Noah came home almost 4 1/2 years ago. That is a huge blessing and we are enjoying every minuet of it. On the other hand there have been some big disappointments that we have had to face and those are always difficult. Each day brings the reminder that this is not our home and that we are fighting against tremendous powers that are not of this world. We cling to the promise that God is for us not against us and that His ways are not our ways. We trust Him and we love Him and we are humbled by the amazing love that He has shown our family and those around us. We will continue to put our hope in Christ and pray that His Kingdom will be glorified even through the darkest circumstances.

If you read this post please pray for our family. We are experiencing a wide rang of emotions as we process this new leg of our journey and we ask that you join us in praying for God's peace as we move through this season. We desire to be used for His Kingdom and for His Glory but that is a difficult task when dealing with the flesh. Please pray that we would continue to wait upon the Lord and that while we may not understand why things happen we can rest assured that God has everything under control.

Also please pray for James and I as we lead and minister to the group of men and woman that God has placed us with. We are growing weary and the road ahead of us seems long and overwhelming. The enemy is prowling and at times it seems that we are loosing more than we are winning. Pray that we would remember that the war is won and that we are needed to stand tall and fight this battle. That we can have confidence in the one who has conquered death. He has not left us here to fight alone. He is with us at all times and he is able to overcome our enemies if we would just allow it.

I have some amazing stories about the kids and want to get them on here soon. God is doing great things in our family. We love him so much and are eternally grateful for the sacrifice of his son. Some days I'm just not sure why he fought so hard for us. Either way I am so humbled and grateful that he did.