Thursday, May 08, 2008

Where do bananas come from?

Bananas in Jocotenango Guatemala
out side Antigua

Today we were reading about Central America is our History book. We are learning about the different exports from Guatemala. Noah was sitting with us and heard us talking about "bannas". That would be bananas for those that need help translating two year old. Since Noah is from Guatemala we take every chance we get to talk to him about his native country. So I asked Noah "do you know where bananas come from?" I expected him to say Guatemala because we were just talking about that. Instead with confidence he said "Walmart!" After laughing our heads off I told him that they "grow on trees." Then he asked "on trees in Walmart?" No I said "they grow on trees in Guatemala and Thailand." I then pulled up some pictures on the computer of bananas growing on trees in Guatemala.

This afternoon we went to the church to help put inserts into books that the women's ministry is giving to the ladies in our church on Mother's Day. Noah told everyone he saw about how bananas and apples grow on trees. We did not tell him about the apples-I'm not sure where he picked that up. He also had to sing his ABC's and Jesus Loves Me as well. He cracks me up and is such a handful.

This afternoon he kept telling Kayla to "go do her History and math too." He is talking like a little man and picking up on conversations quickly. I have a feeling that we are going to have our hands full.


Reba said...

I cannot wait to see Noah. It sounds like his vocabulary is just taking off! How neat that you shared about Guatemala with Noah. I will have to do that with my kiddos. Have a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day!