Thursday, May 08, 2008

National Day of Prayer for the Orphans of Guatemala

One last post for today.

I wanted to share that while we are at a place in our journey where we are able to enjoy Noah being home, we have not forgotten those that are still in process.

We too wept over that new set of pictures that would once again remind us of the precious time we were loosing. At the same time thanking the Lord for the pictures because it made Noah feel real to us and allowed us to bond with him before we even met him. We have cried out to the Lord that he would ease the pain and bring forth miracles. We have felt the Lord's hand upon us as we ached to hold our son and have him home with us. We will never forget what it felt like to wait upon the Lord and his timing and we will never forget what it felt like when the Lord said "it is time."

The bottom line is we remember. As we remember we pray for those who's hearts are full but their arms are still empty. We pray for those who still need a miracle and for those that are still waiting for the Lord to say it is time.

The sorrow that we experienced has been replaced with a joy that is indescribable. Instead of counting the days we have lost we count the days that we have gained. We ask that the Lord never allow us to forget our journey so that we will continue to have compassion for those that are still suffering and so that we may continue to lift up those that are still waiting.

So tonight weather you are tucking your little Guatemalan prince or princess into bed, or aching to be the one to kiss them good night remember those that are still in need of a miracle...the waiting families, the children and the orphans of Guatemala . May we all Join in praying these precious children home. Pray for those who are yet to have been given a chance of having a forever family and pray for those that are caring for them. The Guatemalan government is ever changing and unpredictable but our God is a god of consistency. His love is never ending and his mercy never fails.

If you are still waiting for the Lord to say yes please know that you are loved and that joy comes in the morning. We remember you and your precious little ones and we ask God to comfort you while you wait on Him.

If you are interested in more information about the first National Day of prayer for the Orphans of Guatemala please visit the link under friends and favorites.