Friday, May 16, 2008

Please Pray!

Lot's of fun today and over all a much needed retreat. There are many wonderful stories to post about today but for now we headed to the hospital.

Around 3 pm we received a call from James' best friend that his mom was in a car accident that involved three vehicles. She is in surgery as I type and could really use or prayers. We know at this time that she has a compound break at her ankle and knee. She also had a cracked sternum and broken ribs. Our children consider her to be grandma and we deeply love and respect her as one of the family. Please be in prayer for her as they said that she would be in surgery for a while.

Thanks in advance for the prayers. If you could please remember our family tonight as well. We have not been to this hospital since Danny was pronounced there. I know that seems weird but my stomach still turns every time we drive by let alone to walk those halls again.