Friday, May 02, 2008

Still Here!

Yes we are still here. I am still struggling every day with sleep issues. James and many others finally convinced me to take a sleep aid. I took it at 9pm and headed off to bed. Noah wanted me to help him with something and I told him he would have to ask dad because mom was off duty. Noah made some remark about mom and her booty (instead of being off duty) where in the world does he get this stuff. We just chuckled and I told him I was going night night. It was still not a great night of sleep. The thunder and hail storms didn't help. I'm not sure that the sleep aid helped me sleep as much as it made me feel lethargic. I will try them again but not tonight. It will be a late night and an early morning so I will not have time to sleep it off.

We have been helping a family in our church plan a family zoo trip for our ABF class. They approached us and said that they wanted to give this gift to our class. We have arranged for 50 people from our ABF class (children included) to go to the zoo on Saturday. We will be leaving early, driving 2 hours and then spending the day at the zoo. We reserved a pavilion and we are going to feed everyone lunch. We will stay the day and then catch a fast dinner on the way home. Our group is really excited. It will be a fun day of bonding and fellowship.

I haven't been posting a lot due to lack of sleep and end of the school year stresses. Kayla and I are not getting along real great right now. I hate to post that-but it is the truth. It is difficult for us to communicate these days and we both seem defensive. She is very argumentative and that makes me not want to listen to her. This teen stuff is more difficult for me than James. I know that we will get through this I just wish that it could be a little easier.

Noah is our little ham as usual. His vocabulary seems to grow daily. The other day we were at Sam's Club and the kids wanted ice cream. I told Kayla that was fine if she would share with Noah and sit in the back seat with him. (we have to limit his sugar because he has so much energy). She agreed so I bought her one and asked for an extra cup. I gave Noah the cup while I was waiting for them to make the ice cream. He looked at the cup and said "diet coke please". I told him that his cup was for ice cream. He said "no mom I tursty I need Diet coke". Okay first of all we do not give him pop. Second I did not even know he knew the words diet coke. And third his new thing is thank you "so" much. He is just too cute for words.

I have so many other post to catch up on but this will have to do for now. I will post the pictures from our Silver Dollar City trip soon. Noah is still talking about the trip and the roller coaster that falls down.