Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finaly some answers

Today I had my appointment with the ENT doctor. I was really looking forward to seeing him and getting some answers. I have been sick for about 7 months now and it has really begun to wear me down. Several of the symptoms I have had since my childhood but they have gotten worse over the last 7 months.

I must say that the appointment it's self went very well. I really liked to doctor. I actually had bible study with his mom last semester and she went to Thailand with our group. He listened to my many struggles and quickly picked up on what some of the problems might be. The good news is that I think we have an idea how to proceed, the bad news is the things that I thought would not be a problem were the problem. They decided to do blood work and send it to Texas for allergy testing. (I kinda had that one pegged.) If it comes back with two or more positives then they will send it through another panel of testing. If that comes back positive then they will send for a third. Each round takes about 10 days. Next week they are going to do a CT and check for infection. I have run a low grade fever for the past 7 months. They also did a scope today. That was not fun. I think that thing was as long as my arm and they ran it up my sinus cavity and then down into my throat. They do numb you first although that was an experience in it's self and did not alleviate all the pain. The scope showed that my nasal passage was severely deviated. That is a medical way of saying that my nasal passage is not straight and therefor can cause problems. He also said that my tonsils were enlarged. With this information and the fact that I snore, am always tired, and I stop breathing frequently at night they are considering surgery. He would like to wait until they have the CT and possibly a sleep study to move forward with a plan but at this point it looks as though that is the best option.

I am relieved that they are moving forward to find answers so that I can fell better soon, but I was not expecting them to move this fast. I have suffered from dull headaches, low grade fever, and fatigue for most of my life so it is hard to believe that there might be answers. I was not expecting surgery though. In fact because I had read about the side effects of surgery I had hoped that would not even be discussed. The surgery is not very complex but it is very painful and takes about three weeks to recover. They say that the pain is sever for about 10-14 days. Let me just say for the record that I am a major weenie and pain hurts me. I have only been in a hospital when I had Kayla other than that I like to say that hospitals are not for me.

Please pray for continued answers with this Doctor. I'm not sure what I would do with the ability to think clearly on a regular basis. I think that James was relieved that there was something concrete they can do. They can not say for sure that surgery will fix the problem so we will need to weigh our options but it is a start.

Also it has been a very stressful week... so much that I had high blood pressure for the first time since complications with my pregnancy 12 years ago. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in the midst of some very difficult storms. The enemy is using many things in our midst as pawns right now and we do not want him to have victory. Please pray that we will not grow weary and give into Satan's desires.