Friday, May 02, 2008

What A Day!

Wow, what a day! I was actually up early this morning so that I could get us out of the house on time. Early for us that is. Kayla has EACH two Fridays a month and today was one of those days. I knew that I needed to pay some bills so I did that first thing. Then I realized that we were out of stamps so I added the post office to my list of things to do. I also had to go by the bank and make a deposit. I had hoped that I would have time to grab a drink on my way to take Kayla so I was really focused on getting us out the door. I knew we would not be home until late tonight and that Kayla was spending the night with a friend so she has to have her stuff packed. She will just meet us at the church in the morning for the big trip. After Each I was going to pick up our widow's kids at day care. Then we were going to spend the rest of the night getting food ready for the trip. is how the day actually looked. I did get to leave the house on time which is a miracle considering that I left the windows down on the van last night while the hurricane came through town. Kayla spent about 1/2 an hour cleaning tree branches, leaves, pods, and acorns out of the van. Then she soaked up as much water as she could and put towels over the seats. We leave and head to the post office which does not have the new stamps so I just bought one. I knew that we would not use them up before the price goes up so I will have to go back again next week. (my least favorite errand is the post office- kind of quirky I know). Then I get to the bank and realize that I took the check out of my wallet with a pile of receipts and left it on the desk. So not deposit today. Next I went to my favorite drink spot and of course they are out of diet coke in the fountain. I told them and they said to hold on it would just take a minuet. It took longer and then the lady hurt her arm. She gave me my coke for free. So now we are on our way to EACH and I just loose it. I guess I just felt like the Lord was telling me every thing would be okay and that he really does care about the littlest things in my life when he gave me my diet coke for free. I know it was probably little sleep and hormones but I really did feel like it was a hug from God, and boy did I need it this morning. I get to Each, drop off Kayla and head out to do errands. Noah started to get fussy and said he was hungry. Kayla had packed him a lunch but at that moment I realized that I had not made any thing for me and that my blood sugar would probably be better if we stopped to eat. I decided we would go through Taco Bell drive through and I could get a burrito and Noah could eat his lunch. We would just have a picnic in the wet van. Besides there were enough left over limbs that it would feel like a picnic at the park. That plan went south when there was a wreck while I was turning onto the street with Taco Bell. It seemed as though no one was going to call 911 and one of the drivers was in the car with her head down. I was not sure if she was hurt so I called 911 and pulled into Acambaro. Because I had been the one to place the call they said that I had to wait and talk with the officer that responded. I left Noah in the van and went to talk with the officer. I asked him if I could leave since I had a little one with me and there were plenty of people helping at this time. He said I had to stay but that I could move my van to another parking lot where they put the other vehicles. Noah is not happy, still wants lunch, and the officer is trying to take my info. He asked me for my address and I just stuttered through till I could remember it. He actually asked me if that was a difficult question. I said yes today it is. After we were cleared to leave my nerves were fried so we went to Acambaro since we were right there and had chips and salsa. I ordered beans and rice and we just made nachos and chilled until it was time to get Kayla. Then we finished errands and went to pick up the kids form day care. I could not remember the code to get into the building so I had to go back out and get my ID. It was kind of a crazy pick up but I finally make it out with both the kids and headed to take them home. After that we spent the rest of the night getting last minuet supplies and packing vans. It is now 11:45 pm and I am in desperate need of sleep but doubt that this night will be any different. And wonder why I am so cranky these days.

TGIF.... I think!