Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Update

Wow what a busy weekend. James' parents and sister came in Wednesday to spend Memorial day with the family. So far we have all had a great visit with little chaos. This is huge when you consider the size of our home and having three extra people. I think so far the only thing that has really given them pause is Noah's undying energy. I believe that they have had a good time with the kids but will go home tired.

Thursday morning James went to work and his parents and sister took the kids to the farm to see great grandma. Then Great grandma took them all to the Safari and then out to lunch. This was great for the family because they were able to spend alone time with the kids and I was able to be completely alone with no responsibilities. Usually when I am childless it is because I am either helping someone else or I have an appointment. James keeps the kids but to have an entire day off and the house all to my self was a real treat. I was going to stay home and just veg but instead I went to lunch with a friend and then we went shopping. She was childless too that day.

Friday the grandparents went to the farm again with the kids. James sister and I went shopping and out to lunch. It was so nice to have a break especially two days in a row. I really enjoyed the break.

Friday night we all braved the drive in to see the new Narnia movie. The movie was great but Noah was at his limit of good behavior. It was some what stress full to me but still a great time for the family. James and I did the route when we got home and got to bed at 5 am. Man were we tired. Slept a few hours and then started the day.

Sunday we went to bible fellowship and then left so that we could make it to the family reunion on time. This was the first time to be there with out Granddad. I really tried not to think about it. This is a huge tradition every year and in the 15 years James and I have been married granddad has always been there. After lunch we went over to the family cemetery. Kayla and her grandma Di had gone a few days earlier to put flowers on the grave. That was the first time that she had been to the cemetery since the funeral. I think that she did well. I was worried about today because this event brings back a lot of memories. One of the best pictures we have of Kayla and Granddad was at this reunion. Again she did very well. We tried to keep her busy with water guns and Aunt Patty. I think it was good to have them there so that she can make new memories. This is the first time in 15 years that we have not sat at the cemetery in our lawn chairs and visited with granddad and grandma. I think that it is still too difficult for Grandma to be there for very long. She did not get out of her truck this year. Instead we went back to the farm to visit. Later that night we took her to dinner.

When we got there we discovered Granddad' s calico cat had died. We think that she had complications trying to give birth. This was Kayla's first experience when it comes to a pet funeral. We just told Noah the kitty was sleeping and then distracted him. Kayla was really grown up about it and even stayed with her dad and grandma while they had the "funeral". It really bothers me that she has been exposed to so much loss over the last two years.

Monday James is off and his family will be here most of the day. I am hoping to go to the cemetery to see Danny. They finally set his head stone and I have not been there since the funeral almost 9 months ago. Other than that we will probably just grill out and let the kids play.

A couple of cute Noah sayings- He wants to go to the farmer (not the farm). He keeps telling us he is going to the farmer. Also he is trying hard to get all the names right. He still calls his great granddad "grandma-dad" and reminds us that he lives with Jesus. He is trying to keep his grandma and his great grandma straight. You can tell that he knows the difference but is confused about why we call one grandma Di and the other one just grandma. I guess he thought that she needed a "last name. So Patty explained to Noah that they use to call her grandma chickies because she had chickens and they use to get to help feed them. So when I asked Noah what he wanted to call grandma he replied "grandma feeds goats sandwiches". So where did that come from? Thursday she had taken Noah to the safari and they fed the baby goats bread. I think at that point the family really knew what I am up against every day. I just love his witty sense of humor.

Please continue to pray for Sharon. She is out of ICU but still needs to be in the hospital or in Rehab. The hospital wants to release her because she does not have insurance. She needs medical care above what the family can provide.