Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some days you just can't help being pround!

Monday morning I decided to put Noah on the big potty to see if he would go poop. It was a long shot but you have to start sometime. Kayla and I sat in the hall way doing school while he sat on the potty. After about five minutes he did go and he just kept saying "that's gross!" We reassured him that he was doing a great job.

I put him in his big boy underwear and figured that he would have an accident with the hour. He surprised us and continues to surprise us. He was dry all day (except nap when he was in a diaper) and did all his business in the big potty.

Tuesday morning I debated on what to put him in because he goes to nursery while I am at bible study. I decided on a pull up out of fairness to his teachers. He was dry the whole time and was dry the rest of the day. He just holds it till you take him. By Tuesday evening he was starting to tell me that he has to go.

I am kind of in awe that this is happening so fast. I was expecting it to take awhile and to go through several steps. Kayla was potty trained by 18 months so we are behind with him. He just didn't seem ready based on vocabulary. Over the last month his communication with us has really taken off so I guess it is time. He is loving all the praise and keeps saying "mommy watch this" as he goes pee-pee. At first he asked for his treat every time. Now I have to offer them because he just goes back to playing. I try to offer them a few times a day just because I am so proud of him.

Before I go I have to share that the other night Kayla kind of tattled on me. She told her dad that mom kept her too busy with other subjects for her to get to start her new book. This sounds really silly if you do not know our history with her. We took her out of school because at the end of her second grade year she could not read at all. We had been very concerned but they just kept ignoring our pleas for help. She is in 6 grade now and reads grade level. The other day she told us that she did not care for her last book because the author did not know how to keep the reader wanting to read more. "She said a good author would leave you hanging at the end of a chapter so that you would have to keep going. Instead I could just put the book down and not care." The whole thing brought tears to my eyes. It feels so rewarding when you see your children capture the love of reading. Her dad read to her every day from the time she was an infant until just a few years ago. If she was sound asleep when we got home at night she would still wake up and cry until dad would read to her. It did not matter how late we got home there would be a story. You can see how disappointed that we were when she struggled to read. She went from loving books to crying every time she saw one. It crushed us, especially her dad because he is such a reader. Thank you God for giving us the insight and ability to school her at home and to see such progress. This is such an answered prayer.

Today...I am just in love with being a mom!


Reba said...

Way to go, Noah! I loved your comment about loving being a mother today. I definitely have moments like that (I cannot say every moment is, but many are :). Sometimes the joy of being a mom is just overwhelming...