Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is where I want to be!

And in just 20 long agonizing days this is exactly where we will be headed. We are so excited that we are barley able to keep focused on any thing else. It took us a while to decide that we would make the trip but it is now official. We have only told a few people but it is getting harder to not say anything. At this point you will not see us Face Booking about it and we will continue to keep it that way. Eventually we will be able to post about it but for now there are a few people that we have not told and we do not want them to find out through FB.

We are going to leave after school on Wednesday and then drive part way. Thursday we will drive the rest of the way and then stay till mid day Sunday. We will make part of the dive on Sunday then the rest on Monday. We will have to take the kids out of school for two days but I do not think it will be a huge deal. It is not as long of a trip as we would all like but we are so blessed to be able to get away.

The reason that we are going that week is because it will be the two year anniversary of Danny's death and it is also Amber's birthday. Last year we went to Great Wolf Lodge for the Anniversary and for her birthday. This year we decided to really get away. It will always be difficult that Danny's death and her birthday fall on the same day but we will try to make that day special for her as long as we can. It is a huge blessing for our families to be able to spend this time together and we are looking forward to new memories.

Our children and Philip have never been to the beach so this is a very exciting time for us. I can not wait to see their faces when they see the ocean and feel the sand. Amber picked the place that we are going to. We scouted several locations but in the end she choose Navarre Beach in Florida. We have friends that are from that area and they said that it is one of the nicest beaches that you can go to with out a passport. It is very secluded and very clean. We can not wait to take this all in for ourselves.


Reba said...

That is such a beautiful area. You will have such a precious time there! I am excited for you!