Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti Medical Mission Trip

Thursday morning a group of doctors, nurses and one of our Pastors left NWA to set up a medical camp in Haiti. They were able to take 1 ton of medical supplies with them. The big concern however was that the ton of supplies would not be enough to meet the needs. There were concerns that they would have the ability to treat the people but not have adequate supplies. This medical team started when one of the doctors form our church approached one of our pastors and asked what our church was going to do to help the Haiti people. With in 24 hours things were set in motion and airplane tickets were purchased. These were the only two going originally. But God had a bigger plan. I believe the last count was a 13 person team. There is one pastor, several doctors, nurses and a surgeon. Within a few days they raised thousands of dollars that would go directly toward medical supplies and aid for the Haitian people. Not a dime was used for individual travel. Each team member paid for their trip expenses. Some of the items that have been donated or purchased are; medical supplies, teddy bears, soccer balls, ribbon for the little girls hair, suckers to hand out during clinic, food, bottled water and the list goes on. The UN has provided our team with a 20 man tent and 20 cots to set up their clinic. God has provided in abundance for this trip. We just learned this morning that the team has been given access to the supply depot in Haiti. This is where all the supplies that are being donated are kept.

The team arrived safely, have set up camp next to the airport (makes for a rough nights sleep), toured the city, picked up more supplies, set up the medical camp and are now seeing patients. They are in a location that has not seen any medical care or provisions since the earthquake. They are setting broken bones and cleaning wounds. The spirits are high among the Haitians and the people of Haiti are smiling despite the odds. They will be trying to set up another medical site at an orphanage that no one has been to since the earthquake. It is a several mile hike and no one knows what they will find when they get there. The smell is horrific and the needs are overwhelming. Please pray for this team, the others that have come and gone and the ones that are still to come.

I remember coming home for the first time last year when the ice storm hit. (We left when we lost power and the house temp dropped so low) There was so much damage and it looked like a war zone. I could not wrap my mind around all there was to see. I can't imagine facing that much destruction. It is beyond comprehension. My heart aches for the people there. I do not understand how some people's hearts are hardened toward the Haitians. Our God is slow to anger and he loves us despite our sin. I believe that God is reaching out to this lost nation and that we must respond no matter what the cost. I am so proud of these men and women that have answered the call. Their obedience is a blessing to God and he will no doubt work through them to reach the hurting and the lost. God's light is already piercing the darkness, devastation and destruction and I believe that God's light will continue to bring hope to those that call upon him.


Reba said...

What a neat story! So glad they were able to get there so quickly and get busy helping. I too cannot fathom what they are going to see or experience but I just pray that God will use His followers to touch the hearts of the people of Haiti, to help them see Him.

Jennifer said...

Beautifully written! Thank you so much for standing in the gap for me and my family! God is using you mightily!

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