Monday, May 08, 2006

April pictures have arrived.

Our little man is getting to a point that he is not so little anymore! He now weighs in at a healthy 16lbs, 8 oz. Dad is currently considering Football Scholarships as a college funding option, and we are still waiting (ever so patiently) to clear PGN. The call could come at any time and we are ready (oh, so ready) whenever they call. Once the call comes we should have about 10 days to get to Guatemala, and about 4-5 days “in-country” to bring him back home!

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I am enjoying reading your blog! Someone passed this on as an encouragement to us...we are adopting a little girl from Guatemala. We just entered PGN. I hope your pink slip comes quickly! Reading your prayers made my heart skip a beat...they are the same prayers we are praying (especially concerning our PGN reviewer). Best wishes!