Saturday, May 20, 2006

Out of PGN At Last !!!

Last night we received the long-awaited call from our adoption agency, telling us that at last we had cleared PGN!

We were sure that since the week had come to a close, we would not hear any news until the beginning of the next business week, at the very least. So you can imagine our excitement (not to mention shock) when Carol (from our adoption agency) called us at 8:00 on a Friday evening to tell us that we had cleared PGN.

We were more than relieved to finally get the call, which came following one of the toughest days we've had since entering PGN. Friday marked the 12th week since we had cleared the U.S. Embassy, and we were reaching the point of beginning to wonder if we would be able to bring Noah home by mid-summer.

Within the next week, Noah's birth mother will sign his adoption decree, granting us legal guardianship and making him legally our son. It will take about two weeks to receive Noah's new birth certificate, at which point our lawyer will apply for his passport. Once this is done, our exit interview with the U.S. Embassy (also known as our "pink slip") will be scheduled.

Once we've received our pink slip, we can officially make our travel arrangements and hopefully leave for Guatemala within the next week.

2 comments: said...

We are SO very excited for you!!! What a milestone. I cannot even fathom your joy. And what an AWESOME God to give you the news on such a hard day. It does seem like that is when we have gotten most of our news...God's timing is good. I am praying for a speedy pink!
Reba and Mark Cloud

Patty Milner said...

The Milners picked up Baby Noah this afternoon after a stressful first night in Guatemala. All is well, Embassy meeting int he moring and they hope to return on Wednesday.