Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missing pieces of 2007


So I was looking for Fall pictures from 2007 because we have yet to take any for 2008. I have needed them a few times and could not figure out what I had done with them. Then it dawned on me that we did not have time for fall activities last year. I guess I just thought that somehow we managed to make it to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, and take fall pictures. The only fall pictures that we have are ones that we had done in November at JC Penny's for Noah's second birthday.

Instead we were busy in many different ways. Some of the things that we were doing this time last year included...moving Amber out of the new house and back into the old house, helping take care of her and the kids due to Danny's death, Philip's birth and complications from the birth. We were also welcoming home Mark from a year in Iraq, and nursing Kayla as she had severely sprained her ankle at Mark's welcome home party. No wonder there are no pictures of pumpkins and fall activities. We do however have many pictures of spending time with the new baby and pictures of Kayla's lovely ankle (which was almost as big as a small pumpkin). We did manage one of our family traditions which was to watch "It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". We have watched this every year since Kayla was very little. We even own our own copy. We do not celebrate Halloween but we love fall and that movie is one of our favorites. We just love Peanuts.

Another happening last fall was the addition of Bob. Who is Bob? Well he happens to be the long awaited Jeep Cherokee. James has wanted a project jeep for as long as I have known him. Of course I have not fully understood this passion but relented last year when we were all under an extreme amount of stress. If this would help release some of the overwhelming responsibility then who was I to stand in the way. Actually I was counseled on the matter extensively. Many of his close friends said that this was exactly what he needed and the new widow in our life made a good point that life is short and you just do not know how long you have to fulfill those dreams. Danny had always wanted a motorcycle and had finally purchased one two months before he died. He passed away just weeks before he was going to be attending his first Bikes Blues & Bar-B-Q on his own bike. So knowing all of this I just could not quench his dreams any longer.

So... Bob still has not moved; except to take my parking spot but I have been patient and slow to share negative feelings towards Bob. However I am growing ever so eager to have my parking place back. With any luck maybe by the first snow?

We are looking forward to many new memories this fall and winter. Even though 2007 brought several tragedies we experienced many blessings. We may not have pictures to post and reflect on, and many of the memories are not how we would have planned them, but they hold a special place in the life of our family. They are unique and treasured and we are grateful that we were able to share in them. We welcome this new season with great anticipation!