Saturday, October 04, 2008

A must share moment!

Last night we decided to use some eye drop in Noah's eyes. He is prone to eye infections and they were getting red and had some drainage. He also complained of them hurting all day. We have used these drops a lot since he came home but have not used them since last winter. We knew the drill and knew that it would take both of us to make this happen. We tried to down play it so he would not freak out but still have extra hands when needed. As soon as he saw the drops he was not happy. We managed to get both eyes doctored when he began screaming "you killed my eyes, you killed my eyes!" We reassured him that in a minuet he could open them and they would feel better. He just kept telling us that we killed his eyes. While we felt bad that he was upset and that the drops do sting we could not help but laugh at his insight. This morning we had to repeat the drops and after we finished he looked me in the eyes and asked me, "where did you get that medicine?" I told him that the doctor gave it too me. He asked me for the name of the doctor. I told him, but he still seemed as though we had done something unethical.

Tonight we went with our Adult Bible Fellowship group to see Fireproof. This was a very powerful movie. If you have not been to see it you should. Please do not wait to rent it. We need to support this movie while it is in the theater. You will not be disappointed. Please let your voice be heard by showing film makers that we support these movies. Make sure you take your tissues. I can only imagine the impact that this movie would have on families if everyone in America saw this film.


Reba said...

Hmmm, sounds a lot like our house with nose drops, except yours does seem to have a little humor. No humor here. :) I love that you record those things to remember...we might need those reminders when they are teenagers. :)