Sunday, January 20, 2008


I know that we are behind "filling in the gaps" but we are just really busy getting ready for Thailand. We can hardly believe that in 11 days we will be on a plane flying half way around the world. I have also started the new Beth More study "Stepping Up". Those that have taken her studies know full well what that means.

Any way I really need to get on with the current post so I will go back and fill in as I can. So on with the current madness at the Milner house hold.....

Late November I (angie) came down with pneumonia. When I went to the doctor I was treated for allergies not pneumonia. Well long story short after two more weeks I went back to the Doctor and still had pneumonia. More meds! Another 10 days went by and I was still sick with all the symptoms returning. So this time more test, almost a hospital stay, and yes more meds! The reason for sharing this part is to say that I have been on meds for 7 weeks now and still going. The meds that I have been taking all this time include steroids. Now when they first prescribed them I said no (they make me sick) but was told that they were necessary and to give them a try. When filling the prescription the pharmacist said not to take them late at night as they cause nightmares and many other sleep issues. Hence the following story.....

Last night Kayla our daughter came into our room around 3:30 am to inform us that she had a terrible ear ache and that she couldn't sleep. She was hoping for pain meds and moral support. However that is not what she got. Here's how it goes.

Mom is in a very deep sleep having an intense dream. Kayla taps mom on the arm to wake her up. Mom gasps as she is woken up and realizes that something is standing over her. Just as mom is trying to process being woken up Kayla leans forward to tell mom about the ear ache. Mom (not wearing her glasses, coming from a deep sleep, and having an intense dream) finally makes out the image that is standing over her. To mom's horror it appears to be a faceless slasher with very big hair and a tie dyed shirt lunging at her. Kayla trying not to wake dad leans in so that she can tell mom about the ear ache. Remember that Kayla is in pain as she leans in and is moaning as she approaches mom. Mom becomes threatened by the slasher and her moans and gasps one more time before she begins to scream violently while grabbing dad's leg. Mom is also trying to get as far away from the slasher as possible. (Yes dad's lap will do) This causes Kayla to gasp then scream and then for some reason dad becomes startled and in his "I'm scared now too, but I'm here to protect you growl" starts to take on Kayla. At this precise moment in time mom realizes that it is actually Kayla and not a slasher and told dad "everything is okay go back to sleep. This did not set well with dad because now he is all worked up and confused wondering why we are all screaming. Well, lets just say NO ONE went back to sleep for some time. Kayla got her meds and was back in bed but by this time we all had the giggles. Well except Kayla she was still in pain and a rattled by mom's out burst). Now when I say we got the giggles I mean that we laughed until we could not breath. I think that we actually feel asleep laughing.

I have to say that we have had such a good day today because of that moment. I think that with all the tragedy and seriousness that our family has seen and endured lately that we have just forgotten how to laugh. The kind of laughter that comes from your gut that you just can't stop. I have stopped so many times today and thanked God for that very odd yet priceless incident that we shared this morning. I think he just knew that we needed to laugh. In so many ways it was very therapeutic. Thank you Jesus for bringing some much needed smiles and laughter into our home.

As for Kayla she is feeling a little better. Dad and Noah took a four hour nap and Mom just can't wait till there are no more steroids!



Reba said...

I love those kinds of laughs. I had one the other night about something so simple but it was one of those true laughs where I cannot breathe. It is such a release! Hope things go well as you get ready for the trip!!!