Friday, January 25, 2008

Two Will Do!!!!!!

Little Man After His Bath

So often we are asked the "are you done question?" The answer...God willing yes. We absolutely adore the two children that God has blessed us with. We are so content and blessed especially since we thought for ten years that we could only be a family of three. Of course there is the occasional laps in judgment where you begin to think to your self that you could do this again. Then it happens. You quickly re-enter reality as you take on three extra kids while mom is recovering from the flu. Actually it is always such a blessing to have the kids. As many of you know a dear friend of ours died suddenly (almost 5 months ago) leaving behind a wife that was expecting, along with two children. Our little man of Steele was born two weeks after daddy went to be with Jesus. Since then we have had the pleasure of being a part of his birth, his baby dedication, and his day to day milestones. So when mom came down with the flu we packed up the kids and brought them home with us. Actually we have shared the time with another family that has been there with them too. All this to say I really do not know how single mom's make it. We tag team and still have to fight our way through the chaos of feedings, baths, getting kids to school and daycare, etc. At one point in the evening I think that all the kids were crying. At one point I think I even heard James crying. He He He! Just kidding but he did look at his preteen daughter and say "doesn't this make you want to go out and adopt three more?"

We really do count it a blessing to have these three beautiful children and their mom as part of our family. We always look forward to having the kids we just wish that it was under different circumstances. Please do pray for this precious family. They are a beautiful picture of God's grace and mercy at work and are such an encouragement to our family. However all the struggles and burdens of being a single mom are overwhelming.

For now we are just blessed to have two beautiful children and the opportunity to be an aunt and uncle to several other precious children. Unless God says otherwise I think that we are done.


Reba said...

I loved your post. I wouldn't trade our four for anything, but tonight I was wondering what on earth I was doing. :) I am so glad your friend has your family for support and encouragement (and child care assistance).