Friday, January 11, 2008

Time to update the Blog

Well we have officially been home with our little man NOAH for 18 months almost 19 months. As one would expect so much has changed. Life with a toddler and a preteen is rewarding yet challenging.

The day we received Noah's referral Tia Aj suggested that we follow our journey with a Blog. Of course my first thoughts were "a Blog what is a Blog?" Well now I know what a blog is but I still do not know all the tricks to posting on them. After following other adoption blogs I come to have bloggers envy (Yes I know that is not spiritual but neither are you all of the time). Actually I have just come to a place where I feel that I need a place to journal and share what God has been doing and is still doing in our family. Also Noah is starting to talk about Guatemala and his foster mom Grandma Alice so I want to catch up on the blog while those precious memories are coming to the surface again.

To clarify we will always cherish the memories that we have from our pick up trip and the months to follow with our new baby boy however our homecoming was bitter sweet. Our family has endured three tragic deaths and our brother Mark leaving for war since Noah's pick up trip...the first tragic news received when we landed in Houston waiting for our next flight. I will share more of this in other post as I would like to honor each of these Godly men as they have played an important role in our life and supported our family's decision to adopt.

We will try to relive some of the events over the next few weeks so that there are not as many holes in this adventure. Please bear with us as most of this is old news but we feel it will help us sort through all the emotion that this journey we call life has brought our way. For those picture hungry folks like me we will add those too. We will post as often as possible to catch up but we are also trying to prepare for our mission trip (we leave in 20 days). Prayers are coveted as we will be away from the kids for 17 days:(

I will try to post a few pictures from our pick up trip as soon as I remember how that is done.


Reba said...

I love the new look and look forward to reading your blog! Thank you so much for the advice, support, prayers, and encouragement during our process. We need to get together soon!