Friday, October 03, 2008

"Oh No You Never Let Go"

I am really tired tonight but wanted to stop and post about a neat moment today before I forget about it. I seem to forget a lot these days.

Tonight we were headed home after celebrating a friends 40th birthday and his wife's graduation when we heard our little Noah singing in the back seat. He had been singing since we started to drive off but James, Kayla and I were talking and not really listening. Noah usually sings his ABC's or numerous preschool songs that he knows. Tonight I realized that he was singing something different and tried to get Kayla and James to listen but not stop talking. If he knows we are listening he will stop. Anyway they finally heard it too..."Oh no you never let go through calm and through storms oh never let go Lord never let go me". That is what our little boy was belting out over and over. It just amazes me that at two years old he is singing praises to our God most High. I just knew that God was smiling even bigger than we were. That song has been the back bone of our faith as we have walked through the joys and sorrows of the past two years. Thank you Lord for never letting go!

There's more that I could share but this was the high-light of my day.


Angie said...

What a sweet song for a little baby to sing. I know your heart was so full!