Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Update: We met with Carol from our agency on Monday June 5th which was also the day that Noah turned 6 mo old. We were discussing what we should expect over the next couple of weeks, and we made our last payment "OUCH". We asked Carol if she had any information about Noah's paper work and she said that our lawyer had no new information. We left the meeting encouraged with a lot of information about what to expect next.

What we didn't expect was that Carol would call about 8pm that same evening to inform us that our lawyer called and we have an appointment with the US Embassy. Our Appointment is at 7:15 am Monday June 12th. We have to pick Noah up no later than the day before the Embassy appointment. While in shock we started looking at the calender. We would need to fly out on Saturday so that would only give us four days to make arrangements and fly out. We were expecting to have another week to get things done.

So.... We have booked a flight that leaves Saturday early afternoon and will arrive in Guatemala about 10pm. Our lawyer will bring Noah and his foster mom to our hotel on Sunday were we will have a chance to give the foster mom a gift and ask her questions about Noah and his routine. Noah will remain with us from that point on. We will go to the Embassy Monday morning, pick up his Visa packet Tuesday afternoon, and we will fly home on Wednesday arriving about 5pm.

Please continue to pray for our family to have safe travel with no problems going through customs or immigration. Pray for Noah's foster family as they prepare for the separation, and for Noah as he is leaving the only family he has ever known.

We will try to update the blog as soon as possible when we get home.

Love the Milners