Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Other Woman

I know that the title sounds a little odd but that is really how I have felt until today. For six months I only knew that our son was being cared for by his foster mom in Guatemala. We had no name or face to assign to to the woman who was holding and comforting our son, providing his every need. Questions and thoughts would arise such as...what does she look like, how old is she, why did she chose to foster, does she have children of her own, is there a father figure in the picture, if so how is there marriage, does she put sugar in his bottle (this was my biggest fear- crazy as it sounds), will she miss him when he's gone, and the biggest question of all does she know how much we already love him?

All of those questions and fears faded the moment I saw "Grandma Alice". She was beautiful, warm, and kind. Her smile spoke all the words that could not be communicated. We knew right away that the "other woman" loved our son and had given him a home, his first home and that we were blessed to have had such a wonderful foster mother for our little boy. We respectfully and lovingly refer to her as Grandma Alice. Noah has her picture next to his crib and we talk about her every day. She will always be very dear to our family and we will forever admire her for loving our child completely knowing that it was only for a short time.
Thank you Grandma Alice. Our words can never truly express our gratitude.