Sunday, June 11, 2006

We Have Noah!

We have NOAH! To say he is beautiful is an understatement. He is doing very well. The transition was easier than we thought but very emotional. Noah has laughed and smiled and kicked his little legs since we got him. He is a very happy ,healthy boy. He is not as big as we thought he would be. But he is huge in his chest. He loves to go out side. When we went to dinner he smiled all the way.

Okay well we could go on and on but the little guy is getting sleepy and we have a very early morning. We are ready for our Embassy appointment then we should have the rest of the day tomorrow.

His Daddy has not stoped smiling either. If we miss a flight on Wednesday it will be okay because we can just fly home on the rush that we have after holding him.

Thanks for the prayers. We love you all.