Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our First Outting with Noah!

We have met our new son, met his foster mother, exchanged gifts with the foster mom {we got the better end of the deal -Noah}, finished signing paper work, taken pictures, and said our goodbyes to Grandma Alice.

Now it is time to enjoy our little guy and get to know him. What we have learned so far is that he really likes to smile. Unless of course you take his picture and then he is all serious. He is much smaller that we were expecting. Very healthy just not as big as he looked in the last set of pictures. This is okay with us just brought the wrong size clothes. We were expecting him to wear 9 -12 months clothes based on his weight. We thought that we were pushing it by bringing 6-12 month clothing (thought they may be too small). It turns out that 3-6 months is a good fit. We have those too just not as many. Pjs will just have to be big till we get home. Thankfully we brought a few pairs of smaller socks that will work until we get home. After holding him I think that the reason his weight had us thrown off was because he is solid and barrel chested.

After a very long emotional day we are going out for our first dinner together. We have decided on Apple Bee's because we can see it from our hotel room and it looks easy to find. Noah has been changed into his new out fit and he is sporting his new hat and his new snuggly. He seems to be pretty happy at this point.