Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Look What I Can Do!

Remember when Noah could just barley see over the top of the crib on the first setting.

Okay I was not ready for this one:(
Yes I know that he is two and yes big sister was in a toddler bed at 18 months but he's the baby and I was hoping that we could make it till at least 2 1/2 before we have to take down the crib. It just seems like he's growing up too fast.

Hey, check this out. There's a way out!
Uh Oh! I've been caught.
But I'm still so cute that mom won't mind.


Reba said...

I am so amazed at how big Noah is now! I think the transition to the bed was so much harder on me with all of them than it was for them. It signals the end of those "Baby days". Don't you wish we could freeze time sometimes? :)