Thursday, January 15, 2009

While I was typing my post on Hog Noses my sister called very upset. My first thought was that she was still really upset about the move. (We both cried most of the night)

Instead she was calling to tell me that their pastor's daughter was just killed in a car accident. Please pray for this family. I fell it is best to not mention any names as they have not been able to notify all the family. They do have two other children and one child has not been notified yet. Please pray for this precious family. Also please pray for my sister and her family as they are very close to them. Kayla has spent a great deal of time with their children while visiting my sister. The mother taught Kayla's age group and one of her daughters is Kayla's age. The family has always been so good to my kids while they were visiting. They made sure that they were welcome and plugged in even though they were only there for short periods of time.

There so many hurting in the world around us. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are grieving and those who are facing medical trials. May God continue to comfort the brokenhearted and may He place His healing hand on those that need healing.