Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Handsome Little Man

It is rare that I am able to capture my little man sitting still long enough to get a posed picture. We had photos of his big sister taken every few months. With Noah it is just too much to expect so we have only had professional pictures done twice. Usually I just snap pictures until we get a good one. We capture more of his personality when he is moving not sitting still. However there is the rare occasion like today where he was willing to sit for a short time and give me a smile. Hence the photo above and some fun with photo shop. He is just so handsome to me. I think that I can say that with out sounding too vain since I am his mommy. I Just love being his mommy. Even through the many sleepless nights and crazy energy that never stops- I love being his mommy. Thank you Jesus for making my dreams come true.


Reba said...

Angie, these pictures are beautiful! I was sure they were professionally done! (I can count on one hand how many professional pics we have had taken other than school pictures :) What a precious face. I am so God led you to one blessed ALL of you are!

Katie said...

He is so handsome !!!