Monday, April 21, 2008

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Today I had asked the kids what they wanted for lunch. Actually I was asking Kayla since Noah usually doesn't have an opinion other than chicken or "burger cheese". Kayla decided that she wanted a PBJ sandwich. So then Noah piped up and said he wanted a "p budder sanwich too". Then Kayla changed her mind and said that she would really like to have a grilled ham and cheese. So I decided to just make everyone a grilled cheese. She said that she would make Noah his PBJ but I said that he would probably rather have grilled cheese. So then sissy asked him if he wanted turkey. I really wanted to pick something simple that we could all eat. I was not sure why she kept giving him different food choices. At this point I began to wander who's side she was on. She was kind of complicating the process. He would just say yes to what ever she asked him. As I was making lunch Kayla restated for me that Noah really wanted turkey for lunch (remember he just really wanted a PBJ). I told Kayla that I was making grilled cheese for every one and that he would be okay with that. I said "Noah doesn't even know what turkey is". Well little man was standing right behind me and said "mom, turkey gobble gobble gobble". So... mom stands corrected and Noah had a new phrase for the day.


Reba said...

Smart kid! Looks like he knows more than he lets on. :) I know what you mean about the whole lunch is tricky when everyone wants something different. And I also know about the big sister offering more than she really has privilege to do...I have one of those at my house. :)