Thursday, April 10, 2008

"I Still So Sick!"

This afternoon I took my medicine and gave Noah his. I have been taking my temp every day because I am still running a fever. I have been running a fever for two weeks now and have finished two rounds of antibiotics. We are still not sure what the problem is but I have run fever consistently for almost 6 months now. Any way that is not the reason for this post. While I was taking my temp (with the one that you roll across the forehead) Noah was standing there and asked me to take his temp. I rolled it across his little head and turned it around to look at it. Before I could say anything he sadly stated "oh man I still so sick!" He actually was right on at 98.6 so I said no you are all better. He was very happy to hear that and gave his usual response "I did it." Our little guy really is very witty.