Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's Three O'Clock!

Noah really loves books. We have to limit what we read to him or we would never get anything done. We try to read two or three several times a day. He has access to them all day and we will discuss them but most of the time I really try to encourage him to play. Otherwise we end up with a boy who has too much energy built up.

At night Noah knows that we read two books before bedtime. We remind him before we start to read that we only read two and then it is bed time. After a potty break and pj's he picks two books and then some one reads to him. Then we ask him what time is it and he says night night time. We give hugs kisses then off to bed. Tonight it was mom's turn to read. We read the first book then I reminded him one more and then it was bed time. We read the second book and when I was done I asked him what time is it? To my surprise he said 3:00. Needless to say we all started laughing and wondering where he heard three o'clock. I guess he thought that he might be able to get out of going to bed if he changed the time. It didn't work. After a really good laugh we told him it was bed time and off he went to get his good night hugs/kisses.

We are so in trouble!


Reba said...

What a smart little cookie. :) For Maria, her consequence at night for a few of the rules is that she won't get a book. It is the worst punishment to her. (We do read other times, but it is such a habit for her to read before bed; she is crushed if she can't.) Don't you love that love of reading already?