Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little boys and pets.

Last night I was cooking "burger cheese" on the grill. Noah was outside playing while I was running in and out. The yard is fenced and he knows that the grill is hot while I'm cooking. I felt that it would be pretty safe to let him play while I was in and out. We have a lot of windows and I can keep a pretty good eye on him. Dad thinks that he is old enough to do this, mom is still a little cautious. I kept a very watchful eye on him but was not watching him every second. So at one point I had gone to the kitchen and then came right back out. As soon as I came out the door I noticed that the dogs water had been knocked over and was all over the back porch. I looked at Noah who was not on the porch but not very far away and said "please do not play in Abby's water that is for her to drink". Noah's response to that was "the kitty cat spilled it". First where did he get the word spilled and isn't he kinda young to blame the cat. He was so cute about it. He has never called our cat Callie kitty cat. It was like he was trying to nark on her with out making her look bad. I also must mention that the cat was no where in sight. He was so cute and grown up about it-plus it was his word against the never innocent looking cat so they both got off this time. However if something happens in the house and he blames it on the out side cat...then we will know for sure.

I told you that dad keeps telling me that it is time for Noah to be able to play outside in the back yard while I am in the kitchen. I can see him but it is a big yard and he does not stay in one place. I'm not sure but dad may have a new opinion after last night. Not only was our little man busy blaming the cat he was also helping the dog escape from the yard. That's right. He opened the gate for Abby and let her go and then shut the gate back. James and Kayla spent the next 20 minuets running after Abby. I do believe that Noah plus pets equals mischief.