Thursday, April 03, 2008


What a week. I have written three post but have not posted them. I'm not sure any of them make sense and all of them seem a little grumpy. It has been a long and difficult week and I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I'm not sure why though...the weekend looks pretty busy.

I will try to catch up soon. I really should let the week go and leave it at that but there were some highlights that I want recorded for the kids later. For now sleep and quiet time with the Lord are my best chance for sanity. Until then here's a glimpse... sick mom, sick boy, very busy boy, fussy boy, sirens, speeding tickets, van trouble, grumpy hormonal preteen, grumpy hormonal mom, big decisions, little decisions (doesn't matter the size decisions they are all stressing me out), on the go but need to stay home, why am I teaching 6th grade math, how many more appointments can one schedule in a week. Wait... an appointment was canceled because he got the flu ( so sorry to hear but now maybe laundry). A quick shower while Noah naps then fix dinner before the volley ball game...except he is awake and had diarrhea so instead more laundry and a quick shower for the little guy. Whew and that was only a highlight. This is why I have not posted it "all" this week. Not sure where to go from here other than good night.