Monday, March 31, 2008

Now What?

This morning we were watching a friends little girl because they were at a funeral. Lately Noah has been crying for no reason at all. If he has the slightest boo-boo he has a melt down. We have been trying to ignore some of the outburst because nothing else is working. He and Miss S. were playing in his room when I heard the familiar whining. I gave it a second (Kayla and I were in the living room engaged in school) then he was fine. Then he was whining again. He did this a couple of times but he did not act like he was really hurt. I asked him to come here so that I could address the whining and talk to him. He did not come but he did stop fussing. I knew that with S in there (she is older) that she would let me know if there was a real problem. He actually started fussing again and out of frustration (not concern) I went to check on him. To my surprise I found S playing in the floor with no concern to the fact that Noah had scaled the crib and was unsure of where to go from there. I must seem cruel for not checking on him but this is the first time that his cries have meant there was a real problem. Kinda made me think of the "Boy that cried wolf."

After getting the video evidence for Dad I did help him down and we talked about why he should ask for help if he needs something from his puppy. I tell you that boy and his dog really do get into more trouble together. After the matter I asked S how he managed the climb. We had been suspecting that he was climbing but had no evidence of it. She said "he climbed on the toy box and then jumped to the bed." When he got there he had no where to go because mom had put one of his big toys in the crib to give them more play space.

So...I spent the rest of the day looking for a toddler bed and crying my eyes out because I was not ready to put him in a big boy bed. No luck with the bed. They are sold out everywhere I called or checked. For now we took the front of his crib off and are using it like a day bed. We thought his crib transitioned to a toddler bed when we purchased it. It doesn't- only concerts to a full. Now the search is on for a lasting solution, but for now this will have to do. Hopefully we are not about to regress when it comes to sleeping through the night.