Sunday, March 16, 2008

A fun packed weekend with all the kidos!

Isn't he too cute!Playing Barbies
At least he picked the boy Barbie
Growing up so fast
Stop Uncle James stop! That tickles!
I have to say that we have had a really great weekend. We started out Friday night at the park with miss Abbie and her parents just having fun. We followed that up with some of our favorite Mexican food. Noah actually ate a huge soft taco and a full helping of beans and rice...then finished off mine. I am certain that I will have to get a part time job to feed him in a few years. I would worry that he is eating too much but he is self regulating. He will not eat past a certain point and it varies day to day. He also uses so much energy in a day that he surely burns it off. (As I type he is trying to climb the wood trim in the entry. Wow! I was not fully informed when I prayed for a boy.

Friday night Kayla and I watched No Reservations after Noah and James went to bed. It was fun to hang out together. It was a good movie, we both enjoyed it, but it still hits too close to home. Once you have been through a loss up close and personal you just don't view death the same way. It really triggered some memories that I had forgotten existed. I think there was just too much to process so a lot of it got pushed down. I will be plugging along and something will trigger a memory or emotion and then I have to decide if I'm going to process it or just tuck it away again. I must say more than not it gets tucked away because I just don't want to be sad anymore. I was able to talk to Kayla about the night that Danny died. We really don't talk about the details. We just kinda focus on what we need to do for our friends. I actually didn't even know how Kayla found out. I just remember the phone call and then leaving and being gone for awhile. I couldn't even remember how many days we were gone. I had to ask her. Anyway after watching the movie and talking about some of the details I was awake most of the night. Just too much to process. I knew that the next night would be hard too since we would have the kids. I love having them stay with us, we really enjoy them. This time it was work related not emergency related so we were able to enjoy the kids with out worrying about mom. However when we have them it is a reminder that Danny is gone. He lives through their faces and smiles and when you are tucking them in at night it is just more than our hearts can bear sometimes. Okay see sometimes it just comes out of no where. We really did have a great weekend...I just need to stop watching sad movies where people die. Have you noticed how hard that is these days. There are so many out right now, or maybe we are just more sensitive to it.

Back to our fun filled weekend...

Saturday we headed out to get the guys hair cut before we met up with Aunt Ber. She had to work Sunday because they were moving the hospital and needed all staff so we were keeping the kids. We went to lunch with Ber and the kids (her treat since we were keeping the kids-thanks it was yummy). Then we all went to see the new Dr. Seuss movie. Noah just giggled and giggled. He really enjoyed it until he bit his lip eating popcorn and then he was done. After that we came home with all the kids and played. Ber got to see a grown up movie that night since we had the kids and then she spent Sunday at work.

The kids played well and ate well but some how it is just a little more hectic with 5 kids than it is with 2. Bath time was a little crazy since little man wanted to sleep. It was only 7 though and I was not willing to give in yet. We managed to keep him up until 8:45. His usual bedtime is 9 and then he's up at 5:30. But at his Aunt Ange's house he sleeps till 7. That's right 10 hours. Way to go little man.

We actually made it to church early and that was with 5 kids and me making breakfast for our ABF class. Was not thinking that one through when I signed up. Actually no one had signed up this week and since James teaches we usually fill in the slots that are empty. After church we had family skate day so we came home ate and changed. We were 1/2 late but the kids didn't seem to mind. They were so tired and ready to go when it was over. This was Noah's and Olivia's first time to roller skate so it was an adventure. They did very well...only a few meltdowns. Noah was a pro in minuets. He actually did better with no one helping him. After that Kayla and Hanna had another friend come home with them and they hung out on the trampoline or in her room the rest of the afternoon. Noah was exhausted and napped. This meant that mom had a quiet room and a TV to herself. It was a slice of heaven to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. I made it almost to the end. It's okay though it is on the DVR so I can finish it later. All in all it was just a good weekend. Lots of playtime with the kids. We are looking forward to Spring Break-no teaching-lots of organizing-playing-and hopefully good weather. We may even sneak in some's favorite.