Thursday, March 06, 2008

All Boy!

We are not really sure how the big boo-boo happened. Noah woke me up Monday morning crying-which he never does. He was in his crib with his pillow, blanket, and puppy. Therefore we are not sure how he pulled this one off. It is looking better but I think that Easter pictures are on hold for a little bit longer. Dad told Noah that he should not talk smack to puppy. The humor in that is that he and puppy are very passionate. Sometime we playfully ask Noah if he and puppy need to be alone. I am serious as a heart attack. The boy loves his puppy and is not afraid to show it. The bad thing about this is that he actually loves every puppy (yes even the real thing) this passionately. What can I say the boy loves puppies.

Another really cute thing that he does. If he is sitting on the potty and he is tired of mom telling him to try to go poop he sighs and says "mom, I'm just so tired!" His language is really picking up. He has no problem telling sissy to "get out." He informed her that this morning because he need to brush his hair and teeth. Something is wrong with this picture. Isn't it supposed to be the preteen telling the two year old to get out. By the way he does get corrected but it is kinda cute funny. We just don't tell him that.


Tia AJ said...

Oh, Noah...I gotta go with your Daddy on this one. Talking smack to puppy never ends well. :)