Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't worry be HAPPY!

I'm not sure if these qualify for favorite photo Friday-but they sure make me smile. Let me explain these before you think that I have completely lost my mind. Thursday we played a new game that the 'Bunny" brought for our nieces. We had a really great time. The game is called Luck of the Draw. I must say that it really is pure luck as to who wins. Every one is given an item to draw. The first picture shown below is an example of one of the items. Everyone was supposed to draw "happy". So what ever that means to you that's what you draw. Then you roll a dice to determine how many categories the drawings will go through. For instance-the card might say most likely to see in an art show, obviously had too much time, or what side is up? The categories are endless and might have nothing to do with how much time and detail or how good the picture looks. So it really is based on the luck of the draw which is the category cards. Then every one has a chance to vote according to the card. When you vote all the pictures are in the middle so you never know who the picture belongs to. This is a lot of info and hopefully you get the idea. It is just a really fun game.

We were to draw "Happy"- my youngest niece was actually scared of this picture. The rest of us laughed every time we saw it. I just don't think you get any happier than this.

This picture you were supposed to draw a pigeon. The person that drew it said that they were thinking dove so that is why it is on the Ark. Either way that is one "risky" bird.

Bear? I think that his teeth are eating him.
Bear again. Or is it a dogbear?
Yes this is a used car. A very used car.
It is the simplest things in life that seem to bring us the biggest laughs. I can't wait till we get to play this again. We may need to buy this and have our friends over soon.


Lauren said...

Hey Aunt Angie, your blog is great. I will get you the link to my blog soon. By the way those pictures of y'all in Chicago and on the plane, were great. Just what I needed. I love you all and your kids look like they are great.
Say hello to everyone for me,
Love, Lauren L.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the kids Easter pictures look good. Tell me where you got the game it sound like a good one for the Club.

Aunt Patty