Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missing our new friends & far off places.

One of the views from our hotel suit
This pool is right below our balcony-well several stories below
This is the boat that our group rented to go to Coral Reef Island
Relaxing on the Island

Yet another view of another pool from our suite. I think that the resort had four pools.

Friday it will be a month since we left International soil and landed on US soil. It really was the longest Valentine's Day that we have ever had. To leave on the 14th and to land on the 14th while traveling 30 plus hours is just surreal. Jet lag is finally coming to an end. We are sleeping better though the time change certainly threw us a curve ball. I would have never believed that it would take so long to re-adjust. My stomach is settled and smells are not bothering me like they were. I was really surprised that I still had trouble with smells after coming home to things that should be familiar. I would say that I had lost my mind but others in our group have had the same problem. I still have the weirdest dreams though. The other day I told someone that I had the best Thai food and was even telling them about the guy who made it. A few minuets into the conversation I realized that I never even ate Thai food while I was there. Eventually it dawned on me that that was actually a dream that I had. The food was really good though. In the dream that is.

Now that we are able to process those two weeks I really miss the place. It was difficult to be away from the kids and the things of Dt. Coke and protein that you can recognize. On the other hand there are so many things that we do miss.

The views- of the ocean, the main land, and the pools

Going into the city- the strange things that we would discover, the taxi rides, a ton of laughs

Outings- paint ball, water parks, bowling- we miss feeling like old teenagers. Believe me we felt old!

Connecting with the group- we had a lot of time to get to know one another

Our new friends- this is what we miss the most. It's hard to believe that after spending two weeks with them (one week being 24 hours a day) that we may never see them again. Oh how I wish that we could hug their necks just one more time.
We also really miss the stories that were shared, and the work that we were doing. It has forever impacted our hearts and minds. There are frames in my mind that I pause and just reflect on. I do not know if I will ever get to experience moments like that again and they are just priceless.

I wish that we were able to share our hearts but it just isn't possible at this time. For now we are only able to share in person and will do so should any one ever desire to hear more. For now we are just grateful to have had an opportunity to serve and look forward to more opportunities in the future.


AJ said...

You never had Thai food while you were in Thailand?! Miss AJ needs to rectify that! ;)