Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cetching up on the last few days.

Noah was such a happy boy Saturday. He loved playing outside. He stayed with his friend Abbie while we were at the cabin. He was playing outside when we came to get him. He fell asleep on the way home but when he woke up from his nap the first thing he asked to do is go outside. The temp was cooling off but he was determined. He even put his own shoes on. While we were outside he jumped on the trampoline and then wanted to swing. This was a surprise because he used to cry and act terrified in them. I guess he is over that. Before we came in he went to the pool and said up. I did not give into that one. It is warm- but not that warm. We are really looking froward to the warm weather. We were really spoiled to have spent two weeks in the tropics. I can't say that we miss Thailand but we really miss the weather!

Potty training is still going great. He has only had a few accidents. Tonight he came and got me while he was playing and told me he had to go. Wow! I have to say I was not expecting this to go so well so quickly.

Today we went to a consignment sale in Fayetteville. Since we were close to UA we had lunch with James. We were discussing where to eat when Noah piped in "Acambaro". It was so clear and he just kept saying it every time we talked about going some where else. No we didn't is too far away for the time that we had. After lunch James wanted to take Noah in to see the folks that he works with. Well let me just say that the little dude made out with two toys, candy, and an orange. He was very proud of himself and even had the ladies (in skirts and heels) down on the floor playing with him and his new toys. He proves over and over to be our little Latin charmer. By the way all the toys came from men so he even has some pull in that department as well.


Reba said...

He is so precious...I am not at all surprised that he got a handful of loot from James' coworker. :) And yeah on the potty training...I hope ours will be that day. :)