Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snorting gold dust!

I'm kind of behind on my post this week. There has been so much to write about but I just haven't been up to it. I will try to catch up and then tie in todays post.
Spring break we did a lot of cleaning and organizing. We really needed it and it still needs more work. Actually we need to have a garage sale...of course that requires more time and energy than I have these days. We also did a little shopping to get ready for Easter and the numerous birthday parties that we attended. Kayla had some friends over and then Daniel came to see us while his parents flew to California for a funeral.

Easter was busy but fun. We had a house full of people and more food than an army could eat. I made homemade B-B-Que beef sandwiches and others brought homemade potato salad, baked beans, chips, drinks, and every dessert know to man. We still have left overs. The kids played outside off and on and then we hunted easter eggs.

The weekend was spent tag teaming Olivia because she had fifths disease, tonsillitis, and 103 fever. The poor thing was miserable. Mom had bought her a "princess" dress for easter since she has always been daddy's little princess. This was her first easter with out dad and now she is covered in a rash and for the most part to sick to get out of bed. Thanks to many prayers she was a little better on Sunday but still sported her rash. Since we only had service she came and sat with mom in service. (By the way she was not contagious and the fever was from a sinus infection). No one had the heart to tell her that she could not go to church on easter or that she had to miss the big easter egg hunt. I must say that she was the most beautiful polka-doted princess my eyes have ever seen. Since Olivia was still running a fever she stayed with us Sunday night and Monday. I was able to take her to the Dr Monday so that mom did not have to miss any more work. She was better by Wed and was able to go back to preschool.

Tuesday I was supposed to start bible study again but was just too tired to get going. I skipped. I have never done that before. I really look forward to bible study days. Needless to say by Tuesday night I was really not feeling well. Wednesday morning I woke up with a sinus infection that knocked me on my rear. I actually spent most of the say in bed. I did take the kids to the park that morning so that Noah could run off some energy. Then came home and went to bed. Kayla was a huge help and James was home by 2:30. I was hurting so bad that every joint in my body ached and and I was just weak.

James had taken Thursday off because I had made an appointment to see my Dr about the asthma attacks that I am still having. The worst part is that I now have the sinus infection so I'm not sure that they will be able to work on the other problems until the infection is gone.

So the downer part of Thursday came when I did not receive the results I was expecting from the Doctor. Still no answers and pretty much the same meds that didn't help last time. However this time he did start me on two weeks of Advair (thankfully it was a sample). More steroids- just lost the weight that I gained from the last round of steroids that lasted 7 weeks. He also wrote me a prescription for a nose spray. He gave me samples last time one sample this time but told me to fill the script. The sample he gave me should last two weeks. When I went in to pick up the meds I almost passed out when they gave me by total. It was $136 in co-pays. We have great insurance so I told her that could not be possible. She explained it all and it was correct. The problem was one is not even covered by insurance (asthma related but only need it one time). The other was the nose spray that is a $50 co-pay every two weeks. Needless to say I gave them back their nose spray and said that there was no way I was spraying $100 up my nose every month. I might as well snort gold dust for that matter. By the way I was nice about it, just not going there. The thing that upset me the most is that I just want my singular "that actually works" and only cost $30 month. I was very frustrated and do not feel like we got any where today. I am going to call my insurance tomorrow and see if I can just go to a ENT and by pass the PCP. (insert update- I now have an appointment with an ENT mid May)

After my appointment James and I went to be with a friend of ours who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer about a month ago. They did surgery to remove the tumor today. The surgery lasted about 6 hours but they were able to get it all. They had to take more than they expected but he was in real good spirits and should be better in about 10 days. We praise God for the answered prayers and continue to pray for his healing. We also pray that the growth will not return. God is good and we do praise him for this victory for this precious family. (update again- our friend C had a rough night following surgery. The pain medicine made him very ill. Please pray for his healing and comfort. We praise God for the words-cancer free when he left but do hope that his recovery is quick and as painless as possible.)

Tonight we had some friends over and played a new board game that they got from the "bunny". We had a blast and really needed a good laugh. I will post pictures in another post. The pictures are pretty funny. I think that we are going to have to get the game for our family. Everyone really can play this game. In fact the little kids were skunking us!

This was a lot for one post. Maybe I can keep up better this next week, but for now this will have to do.


Reba said...

Glad you are feeling at least a little better, though I hope you continue to heal quickly. It is hard to be a mom and be under the weather! You have had a busy week, illness and all. Hopefully this week will be a good week to just rest in His arms and finish recuperating. :)