Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guess what Kayla is doing for Spring Break?

Guess what happens when you tell your kids that they need to get rid of things that they don't use? That's right they actually play with them again. I'm beginning to think that the wiser move would have been to just go through them and get rid of them. They did have a good time though and it is kinda refreshing to see them enjoy "their little girl " stuff instead of cell phones and and computers. I have to admit that most days I just don't know how we went from little girl to teenager (well almost teenager). By the way just so she is not totally devastated that I posted this...they did clean up and it usually doesn't look that bad. We are however going to go through everything in her room this week and clean out. She has out grown so much of her stuff and we just haven't had time to go through it in awhile. She has run out of room to keep things organized. I am actually looking forward to no school this week so that we can catch up on our organizing. Hopefully we will keep focused the first couple of days so that we can just hang out the last part of the week.

Oh Mom!


Anonymous said...

See I told you I do read it... Kayla should be plenty busy this week... Aunt Patty