Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yea! I'm A Big Boy.

Noah with his potty training chart.
Noah's new big boy bed

He really likes his bed- mom is still a little sad, but admits it was time.

I have been meaning to update the blog with the big announcement that our little guy is a big boy now. It feels like it happened over night. Here's what happened since the original potty training post.

I had prepared myself for "the long haul". If you have ever experienced potty training it can be long and drawn out. Kayla was trained through the day at 18 months and through the night at 2. With her the problem came with frequency. We spent more time in the bathroom than any other place. So when Noah decided it was time I dreaded the potty stops that lay ahead. I also figured since he was a boy we would make progress gradually. I was okay with that. What I did not expect was that he would be potty trained in a week. He had a few accidents while James and I were away on our anniversary trip. He has never had an accident at home. The only accident that he has had in public was at Walmart and he did tell me. I figured that I had time to finish up because he is really good at holding it. Not this time. He made a huge puddle and then even went when I took him to the bathroom. We did a potty chart for a month so that we could see the progress. He wears big boy underwear except nap time and bed time. He usually wakes up dry at nap but bed time is still hit and miss. I am just in awe that this was so easy. Dad has already taught him to go to the potty by himself. The only time we have to help is if he goes poop. So...Noah was officially potty trained at 27 months. Way to go Noah! We are so proud of you.

I also included a couple of pictures of his new "big boy" bed. I will post more on that in another entry.


Emirose said...

Can't believe how fast you are growing. Congratulations on being potty trained. I have a lot to learn from your mama. Hugs & kisses & to Kayla too.
Folck Family