Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We made it home late Monday night. It was so good to be home. The kids were really excited to see their daddy. I was very happy to see him too. The last three days of the trip Noah said daddy, dad, and da da hundreds of times. It is all he would talk about. We drove up and when he saw his daddy he smiled from ear to ear then gave him a giant bear hug. After that he would have nothing to do with James. I even told Noah that he either had to let dad help him or go lay on his bed. He chose his bed. I think that he was trying to punish his daddy for not being around for the past week. James didn't take it personal and was real patient with him.

I'm excited to post about our trip. I'm trying to ficure out how to download the pictures we took. We borrowed a camera because my battery was dead. I do not have the equipment to download off this camera so pictures will come soon. We also came home very tired and have a sick boy. I took him to the doctor Tuesday becasue he was still running fever and had not eaten in two days. He is still not eating-won't even eat a popsycle. He's already lost almost 2 pounds. Pray for the little guy, he feels miserable.

I will post soon. Right now I have a little man that needs his mommy and I'm just to tired to put thoughts together. Noah has been up most of the night for the last three nights.

Prayer request- I have my appointment with the ENT tomorrow. It is a surgery consult. We will be trying to make decesions and I think schedule dates.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. If your thinking of heading to Texas you should know that it is stinking hot there.


Reba said...

So glad you made it home! I cannot wait to see pictures! I hope Noah gets to feeling better. I also hope the appointment goes well. I know you had fun, but there is just no place like home...especially when Daddy is there!