Friday, June 13, 2008

Packing and more packing

The kids and I are trying to finish packing today. We have a busy weekend and then we are leaving early Sunday morning. We are going to load the van Sunday night so that we can just get up and go Monday morning.

I am trying to pack a weeks worth for three in two small suitcases. This is a huge challenge for me. I usually pack the whole back end of our van with seats up. James and I made it to Guatemala to pick up a baby in two carry ons and two back packs total. If I can do that I can manage this. I preparation to leave I washed all of Noah's bedding. He chews on his blankets and they always stink. I wanted to take his Thomas blanket because that is the one that papa and mimi gave him. I had already put his cars blanket in the wash along with his other blankets. The only one on his bed was his Thomas blanket. When he woke up I put that blanket in the wash too. He came down the hall and saw me putting it in the wash. He quickly crabbed the blanket and said "don't wash percy". I told him it was yucky and that we had to wash it. He was upset. He kept telling me over and over that I was not going to wash percy. I won the battle by telling him he could put it in the washing machine and that he could push all the buttons. I also told him that he could put it in the dryer when the timer goes off. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but Noah is obsessed with doing laundry. So obsessed that he drives me a little crazy with it.

I really need to go...I have so much to do today and need to be in bed early tonight. Kayla and I are going to do the route tonight so that James can have the night off. He has a 7:15 t-time in the morning and it's Father's day weekend so we wanted to give him a break.

By the way we have a big surprise for the kids but it's a big secret. I can't wait to post about it when we get home.


Reba said...

Good luck with the packing. I will be doing that next week and am not looking forward to it. For some reason, that trip to Guatemala was easier to pack for than a trip to the beach...not sure why! (Something about adding children and all of their things :) I hope you have a wonderful trip! I cannot wait to find out about the surprise too!!!