Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We Gotcha You!

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Two years ago today we were pacing the floor in our hotel room in Guatemala. We still had not heard from the lawyer and the hours were passing us by. Then finally the call came and it was time to meet our baby boy. He was more handsome than we could have ever imagined. I knew who he was the second we stepped off the elevator and I saw him smile. It was all I could do not to rip him out of his foster mother's arms. My patience paid off and before long I was holding my new baby for the first time. He kept smiling at us and then began to kiss my check over and over. I was in love with this little man more than I could have ever imagined and now it was real. I will never forget that first smile or his sweet smell. I had waited 6 months to feel his warmth in my arms and to touch his soft brown skin. As I have said before that day I met an angel. He was my angel. I will never forget how precious his life is and I will never stop thanking God for choosing us to be his family.
Happy 2nd Gotcha Day ~ We Love you Noah Scott!
Mom, Dad, and Issy


Reba said...

What a special day. I teared up just reading your post and watching the pictures! It seems like yesterday in one way to me, though he has grown so very much. I hope you had a special day together celebrating!