Friday, June 13, 2008

Things that make you go hum?

I have to post about this before I forget.

The other day I was doing dishes and Noah came in the kitchen. I noticed that he was studying the floor really hard. I asked him what he was looking at and he said "look it's a spider". I looked at the so called spider and said "no it's a rolly polly". To that he responded "don't eat the bug"? I said "that's right don't eat the bug". He stood there a second and repeated to himself several times "Noah don't eat the bug, don't eat the bug". I have to admit I was laughing inside yet troubled by the fact that we had to have this conversation. I quickly realized that the reason we were discussing this was because he had actually considered eating the bug. This should not surprise me...I just still find it hard to believe that he had to talk himself out of the desire to eat this thing. Oh well at least he's learning that he should ask first and eat later.

The other thing that we are up against right now is that he has figured out that he has an opinion and he voices it a lot. We hear "don't help me" several times a day now.


Reba said...

Joshua recently discovered spiders and I am pretty sure if he could catch one, he would eat it. I think it is a boy thing. My favorite saying always was, "I do it...Help me!" :)