Friday, August 22, 2008

Puppy Oh Puppy & Cuttie (FFF)



Kayla and Cutie

This is a picture of puppy that is clean and new and a picture of puppy that has been well loved

This was Noah first favorite stuffed animal
For some reason he thought that he needed a trip through the dish washer

My sister bought Noah this puppy at Kohl's when she came to visit one time. Noah loves puppies and she thought he might like this one. It turned out that he fell madly in love with his "puppy". He loves this puppy so much that we soon realized that we needed a spare. Unfortunately they no longer carried them at Kohl's. Eventually I found a new one with tags at a resale shop. It turned out that a very short time later we needed him. The morning that we woke up to take the kids to my sisters for 17 days, Noah had thrown up all over puppy and there was no way that we could send it with him. While Noah was taking a bath I put puppy in the wash and gave him the new puppy. To our surprise it worked. We were able to take Noah to my sisters and then come home to finish cleaning the old puppy. It took three rounds through the wash to get puppy clean. We were leaving the next day for Thailand and so the new puppy saved our neck.

Noah loves his puppy so much that we would joke that he and puppy needed to get a room. He would kiss his puppy passionately and for a long time. He would roll around on the floor hugging it saying "oh puppy oh puppy"!

He has now made a new friend-Penny. It is a black lab from build a bear. Long story short my sister has a black cocker spaniel named penny that he is head over heals in love with. He now calls all black dogs penny. One day in build a bear he saw the little black lab that is the miniature to the big lab. His Aunt Ber got it for him and he carries it everywhere. When he went to see my sister during my surgery she took them to Build a Bear and he made his first build a bear. He came home with a big black lab named penny. My sister wanted him to get an alligator and even told him that she would by him tow but he would not budge. He only wanted penny.

Since I did not have a digital camera with Kayla it is harder to post pictures of her. I did find one of her with her first Build a Bear that my sister got for her. She is getting her ears pierced and brought along cutie for comfort.


Our Family of 5 said...

Love all the pictures. Your children are beautiful! Have a good weekend!

Violet said...

That is so cute! Puppy is definately well loved! Your lucky replacing him worked! It did NOT work for my friends son with his "tiggy" they replaced it when he was 8 months old just to see what he would do. He sniffed the tag and thew it out of his crib!

I brought my B.J.bear to get my cartiledge pierced and I was 20! I got him when I was in the hospital for my first migraine. The Doctor wasn't nice AT ALL and flashed lights in my eyes. The nurse felt bad because I was throwing up and crying and the doctor thought I was making it up! She stroked my hair and brought me this bear. We had a new puppy we were trying to name it. She said we should name it B.J. we named the puppy Gizmo but, my Bear became B.J. he is my favorite things to snuggle when I have a migraine.

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Sarah said...

Well, I love the well loved puppy the best!! So cute!

What adorable pictures!