Friday, August 01, 2008

Back for a quick update

When I saw the theme for FFF I knew that we had to participate. I knew the exact picture that I had to share. This first picture has a very special meaning. As most of you know the day that we brought Noah home from Guatemala we learned that our neighbor and friend had been killed in a tragic accident. One morning while Noah was actually sleeping I went in to check on Kayla and she was crying. She and Eric had been very close and his death hit her harder than anything I have ever seen. So as we sat there talking I began to twirl her hair as a way to comfort her. By the time we had finished talking I realized that I had made her these cute little "hair" glasses. The neat part of the story was that Eric use to sit on the trampoline and the kids would beg him to do that " toe hair thing". So he would take off his socks and twist his toe hairs to make them stand straight up like little spikes. It was such a silly thing but the kids loved it. He would also brag about the things he could make with his "hairy hobbit" feet. We both smiled as we realized that Eric would forever be a part of our lives and that his memory would live on... and what better way to celebrate his memory than to make crazy "hair" glasses. He would have been so proud and probably would have grown his hair out just so he could have a pair of his very own.

Isn't he just too cute for words
The night before his first haircut. Look at all that hair.
Does this one count? Don't ask! However I think that he got his point across that it is time to buy some new towels.

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I have posted. So much is going on here trying to recover from the last two years of life. There is so much that I want to post but at this time I am just trying to refocus on the kids and our home. I still intend to catch up on some post about our summer as well. I figure that the best time to catch up is when I have nothing to do but sit after my surgery.

It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you have wonderful friends that come along beside you to help and when you are actually feeling well. I have had two weeks of good health and several people helping to ensure that it will stay that way until surgery day.

This morning I have my pre-op appointment. I think after today it will feel real. I still feel a little anxious about the kids and how Noah will handle a few of the up coming changes. The kids will spend a week at my sisters but they will be home about the time that I start to really feel the affects of the healing (such as the scabbing and stuff. Please pray for me with Noah. He is a bundle of energy and a monkey. He just doesn't understand the hands off part of life. I will probably have extra help with the kids the second week but I know that he is just too young to understand that he can not climb all over mom. Noah only has two gears busy and busier. Okay he does have a third but it only engages when he is asleep. Actually I am beginning to see why he did not sleep as an infant. I think that he had too much energy and had nothing to do with it so he was restless.

I need to wrap things up but I wanted to mention that Kayla is on her first mission trip. She left on Wednesday and will return late Saturday night. She called when they got to their destination but I haven't heard from her since. This is her first big trip away from home with out family. She was excited but nervous. I think that she will have an amazing journey and that it will open her eyes to things of this world. They will be working in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and homes that need much cleaning and repair. They are sleeping on the floor not in hotels and experiencing life with out luxuries. I am so excited about how God is going to use this experience in her life. I am excited to hear all the stories.

More soon...I promise! Okay-Lord willing more soon.


Reba said...

I guess I should have read your blog before sending my e-mail. Then I would have known more. :) I am so glad that you are already seeing people come together to help you...let us know what we can do. I understand so much about Noah/busy. I just sit in awe sometimes of how busy Joshua is...more than any of our other kids have been. I can also see how difficult it would be for him to understand that he cannot be all over you. I hope and pray that he will just "know".